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We’ve announced a super quick and dirty design competition to come up with the logo for LocAle and left you in the dark on some details as we’re figuring them out. So, we got our team of highly trained lawyers on it and without further ado here we go. 


LocAle is a super limited edition batch of beer that will be available for a very limited time at select local events and one local bar. All of which will be announced shortly. Proceeds from the sale of LocAle will go towards supporting Hidden Harvest, the source of the apples for the beer and other fantastic initiatives in town to help in their efforts to pull this cool project off. (Creative Mornings itself is not profiting from the sale of the beer.) 

This initiative is part of Support Local Month, which is described here!


Support Local logo by Steve St. Pierre.

The motivation for the logo can come from anywhere, but the themes of support local, collaboration, the participating logos available here, and the name LocAle are useful sources of inspiration.


The logo should be submitted in vector format (.AI or .EPS) as it will be reproduced in various formats (web and print).


The super tight deadline (we know, we know…) is 11:59pm November 27th. Submissions should be made to

The Prize

Given the low-volume, non-commercial use and support local theme of the beer, we are gathering an ever-growing prize pack from local businesses. Currently, we will be manufacturing custom coasters available at the bar that will be carrying LocAle with the designer’s name, a feature write-up on the artist on the CreativeMornings blog, and promotion through multiple channels of winning designer’s name and work. We also have two free Bartender One Bartending School classes to give away to the winning entry, and expect more prizes to come on board soon!

Terms of Use

All works submitted will remain the exclusive property of the Entrant. The winning logo will be used in Creative Mornings marketing material (credited to the designer) and will not be employed for any commercial gain outside of the scope of the limited run LocAle distribution. 

psst, you may have heard the news but in the spirit of support local (and kick ass beer) we’ve partnered with two of our favourite organizations to create LocAle. Local apples, local beer, local ideas, and now we need local design!LocAle needs a logo and what better way to get one than to tap into our awesome community of local ideas and talent  We’d love to open up submissions for your ideas on a LocAle logo. The winning submission will be announced to the public at our next Creative Mornings on November 29th, and will be produced on material for events as well as a special prize!Below is a link for the logos of all contributing organizations for inspiration. So what do you think Ottawa, care to share some ideas because we’d love to see em!

Please send submissions to by November 27th!

Hidden Harvest has shared some photos of what’s gone into gathering, pressing, and reducing the apple cider into the syrup that Kichesippi will be using to create LocAle. Check the rest of their process photos here!

As part of Ottawa’s yearly Support Local Month we partnered up with two of our favourite organizations - Hidden Harvest and Kichesippi Beer Co. - to create a very special edition limited batch hyperlocal brew we’ve dubbed LocAle.


Hidden Harvest are the brilliant folks who are revealing and sharing nature’s urban bounty here in Ottawa. By gathering fruits and nuts from the city’s often hidden but abundant trees that would otherwise go to waste, Hidden Harvest is making a huge impact in the community by redistributing them to those in need. Well guess what, they’ve got an abundance of apples that are looking to be put to great use in a first of it’s kind Support Local initiative.


As many in Ottawa’s creative community now know, Kichesippi Beer Co. are the ultimate embodiment of the “support local” spirit. Lending their support to so many initiatives around the city (even their brewery!) they’ve very quickly become a massive ally for anyone looking to make shit happen. Genuinely some of the nicest folks around and they make a hell of a beer too.

Suffice to say, we’re honoured and priviledged to be able to collaborate with these incredible organizations on a fun project and make some local apple syrup infused Kichesippi Beer. Stay tuned for details on availability and enjoy the rest of Support Local Month!

Here’s a sampling of some of the sweet ass contributions we got towards the Nuit Blanche colouring party from this past Saturday. These are some of Ottawa’s finest, kindest, smartest, and best-looking, not to mention insanely talented illustrators. Feast your eyes on some of their line drawings, pre-crayon bastardization.

Ottawa’s second annual (and Gatineau’s first!) Nuit Blanche came and went with a big, wet bang. Huge congrats to all the incredible contributions around the city, the valiant organizers, and the brave determined souls who made the night what it was - another chapter in our city’s creative awakening.

Among the many incredible artists, some personal faves included Lori Victor’s “How Would Mary Feel?" at the Rectory House, and of course Christopher Griffin’s Super Nova.

Creative Mornings got up to a little ruckus of our own with a “Colouring Book Party for the all Grown’d Up.” The event brought together some of Ottawa’s finest illustrators and their work, while people dropped by and helped decorate them with crayons and an encouraging dose of Hoity Toity Cellars Cider.

As you can imagine, the results were mayhem, and many thanks are in order.

Wallack’s hooked up the colourful, waxy goodness. The Drink was more than hospitable, and Hoity Toity was stunningly generous in making sure everyone had the necessary inspirational fuel. If you get a chance to check out their ciders, do it. Ciders are coming, and these guys will be leading the charge from Bruce County, Ontario.



CreativeMornings Ottawa is thrilled to announce a partnership with the City of Ottawa. This relationship will look to both support and promote the growing creative scene in Ottawa, and will be formalized at a very special July event hosted at Marion Dewar Plaza. Mayor Jim Watson will be in attendance.

"This partnership with the City is our way of officially recognizing not just CreativeMornings but also the creative community as a whole in Ottawa. It speaks to the fact that the City recognizes the importance of creativity, innovation and forward-thinking."

Sharif Virani, Co-Founder of CreativeMornings Ottawa

CreativeMornings Ottawa just celebrated its 1st birthday last month and over the past year has been hosting monthly gatherings with some of Ottawa’s top creative minds. To date, well over a thousand people have attended the inspirational breakfast speaker series, ceating a fresh sense of optimism and collaboration amongst local citizens and businesses.

"Ottawa sometimes gets branded as a boring grey flannel government town when that really isn’t true. We’re in the midst of our incredible summer festival season in Ottawa right now and that’s just one example of the diverse set of offerings our city has year round. We need to do a better job at promoting Ottawa’s vibrancy and I’m glad to see that events like CreativeMornings Ottawa are around to do just that."

Mayor Jim Watson

This month’s event at city hall is shaping up to be the largest gathering yet. The City of Ottawa, through the signing of an memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Community Arts and Social Engagement division, recognizes CreativeMornings as a catalyst for creativity; a focal point among its increasingly creative populace.

"This partnership is emblematic of our goal to reach a broad demographic across the city. We want to turn the corner on creative community building in Ottawa, and to do that, we need to collaborate with local government and policy makers."

Michael Grigoriev, Co-Founder CreativeMornings Ottawa

CreativeMornings Ottawa will also be formally announcing the launch of the CreativeMorning Ottawa’s Scholarship for the Inspired at the July 19th event. Playing off the support and money raised at an earlier event in the spring, the group - in collaboration with the Ottawa School of Art (OSA) and the School of Photographic Arts (SPAO) - will attempt to raise enough money for two people this year to explore and expand their creative potential and abilities through courses at the respective institutions. This scholarship is the first of its kind in CreativeMornings history. For more information, visit (site live as of the 19th).

The July 19th event will feature speaker John Doran, president of Domicile Developments Inc. Doran will be speaking about urban space development, the future of our communities and his approach in his work. His breadth of experience in this area, particularly focused around community engagement and the informed use of space, will serve as a great background for the morning’s discussion. As all CreativeMornings events go, it will begin at 8:30am. The event is free of charge and includes breakfast, a 20 minute talk, followed by a group discussion and Q&A. Tickets are available at


Media Contact
Suzy Kendrick
(613) 795-5459

Huge hat tip to the Creative Mornings Vancouver chapter for this amazing interview Global BC’s Jill Krop