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CreativeMornings Ottawa // Creators

In the first episode of our new video series we hear from local hair legend Jesse Alberto about his new foray into the world of barbershops, the art of being a man and just being fucking badass.

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We asked some of our audience members “What’s so special about Creative Mornings?!?”..check out the answers in our new series!


Rolph Klausener
Artistic Creative Director of Arboretum Festival, musican, graphic designer
A really amazing, inspiring talk by Rod McDonald on typography. What I really enjoy about Creative Mornings Ottawa is how candid the talks are and how unpretentious they are. It is an inspiring way to start my day and now after hearing this talk I am going to go and work on some music and poster design and apply all that inspiration into my work for the day, so whoo hoo!

Krista Norris, local designer
This is my first time at Creative Mornings, I was referred by a friend. Being a newcomer and not familiar with typography I found it interesting to meet cool people and learn about strange things. I will definitely be returning to the next one!


Asma Inam
It was my first time at Ottawa Creative mornings. It was awesome. A really interesting talk about type design and how to look at typography in a different way and kind of change it up.

Derek Kitchen, workplace strategist and Ikebana artist
One of the things I really like about coming to Creative Mornings is the creative energy that’s here. There is a vitality, not just in the presentations, but in all the people who are attending. I find that that’s very stimulating for my own creative process just to be surrounded by that. I look forward to the next one.

May-Jun McGrath
I like Creative Mornings because there is a really interesting unique community of people who have great perspectives. You get to really learn and it feels like a morning party! It’s really fun!

Steph Bolduc
I really like the Creative Mornings talk, especially this morning’s as it deals with typeface so it’s especially relevant for me. My education is in architecture so from very early on you practice typeface in manual drafting and you don’t realize how typeface plays a role in how people read. This morning was really relevant and interesting and the speaker was great. I’ll definitely be back for Creative Mornings.

Suzy Kendrick
I love the networking aspects. I also like that it’s a different take - in Ottawa you normally don’t see a lot of creative types it’s mainly a government and university town. This gives you an opportunity to collaborate and meet a lot of the creatives in the city.


Mathieu Robin
I like Creative Mornings Ottawa because of the cookies! But it’s also a great occasion for the creative community of Ottawa to get together, and there’s a lot of us, so it’s amazing to see everyone out and about early in the morning really enjoying each others company and sharing ideas.


CreativeMornings is so much MORE than just an event once a month, it’s a lifestyle! Our plan is to build a hub for Ottawa’s creative community and what better place to share, in-between events, than a fancy tumblr blog… am I right?!

From the numbers we’ve seen in the first (almost) year of running our events in Ottawa, we know our city is bursting with artists & designers, risk-takers & outside-the-box thinkers who are hungry for community engagement and collaboration. That’s what this blog will highlight.

We want to profile YOU! All you amazing people who come out to our events every month, we know you’ve got your own awesome things going on. We not only want to hear about it, we want to share it!

There are loads of other cool creative events happening in Ottawa too. We know because we go to them all. We don’t want you to miss out on anything so we’ll be filling you in on those with event notices and recaps. Be a part of it, whether you come meet us there or enjoy the feedback from afar.

We’ll also be creating our own content and videos around creativity in Ottawa. You’ll be amazed at how much really is out there, once you peel back the stigma of our city only being a “sleepy ol’ government town”.

Dive into the creative underbelly of our fair city with us!

So, whether you want to be a part of the story or just come along for the ride, this is the place to connect, share and collaborate.

All aboard!