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Introducing CreativeMornings Ottawa’s newest supporting partner – Cloud in the Sky

In addition to recently revealing this month’s theme, we’ve got another HUGE announcement to make! We have partnered with Cloud in the Sky Studios to help us capture our creativity-driven, community-oriented monthly meetups!

Much like ourselves, Cloud in the Sky Studios is enthusiastically devoted to encouraging all creatives to collaborate. They are an Ottawa-based video production team composed of artists, writers, directors, cinematographers, photographers, designers, and editors. Their incredible roster of clients including BlackBerry, NBA Canada, Carleton University and many more speaks to their standards.

When asked what they think makes Ottawa a creative city, Cloud in the Sky Studios’ Brittany Delgaty responded, “SO many things! We may not have the numbers of that of Toronto, for example, but we have such a diverse, active community and we believe this stimulates creativity in all forms. What makes Ottawa unique is the fact that you can get bigger-city vibes yet find nature everywhere. Nature is important to a lot of us here at the studio for staying fresh and with an open mind.”

We couldn’t more excited to have this team of award-winning storytellers help us tell our stories! So, for those of you who can’t attend, not to worry! Thanks to Cloud in the Sky Studios, everyone can tune into our talks.

Show them some social media love and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Want to learn more about Cloud in the Sky Studios? Catch them at our next meetup on August 30th or visit cloudintheskystudios.com.

As we mentioned last month, we’re going to be talking about something completely new to CreativeMornings Ottawa for this month’s global theme END! You may have guessed it… but then again maybe not. It's definitely something that will 'bud' your interest... 😏 Okay enough with the build up! We’re so excited to welcome Jessica Hay, Creative Director at Canopy Growth Corporation to the stage to speak on the end of the marijuana prohibition and how it’s ‘budding’ new beginnings in many industries including the creative field. 

Join us on July 19 at the Ottawa Art Gallery! Tickets go live THIS Friday, July 12 at 11 a.m. don’t snooze!


I wonder why the leaves on this tree differ from the leaves on this one? I wonder why the deer follow the same path and sleep here in the winter? I wonder why I’m happiest by the water? I wonder why the salamanders hide under rocks, and why frogs skin are so sensitive to the human touch?

This month’s theme on WONDER will be explored by Marlene Power, Executive Director of Child and Nature Alliance.

After this talk, our relationship with nature will be strengthened. We will learn how outdoor play, and exploring nature on a regular basis, can support children’s (and our inner child’s) innate curiosity and bring out a sense of wonder in our lives every day.

Join us on June 28 at the Ottawa Art Gallery! Tickets go live on Friday, June 21.

Introducing Banfield’s CreativeMornings monthly challenge!

We're thrilled to share that our incredible sponsor, Banfield Agency is celebrating its CreativeMornings Ottawa partnership with creative challenges surrounding our monthly global themes.

The video on this month’s theme of Wonder gave us chills! It encompasses exactly what the theme is all about and pairs perfectly with our speaker’s WONDERful topic.

Check out the video produced by Ryan Grevatt, Derrick Outram, Kelly Rusk, Emily Charette and Devin Singleton, that follows a man discovering the hidden wonders in the world around him.

Announcing award-winning architect, Darrell de Grandmont as our speaker for #CMpreserve! 

Not only does Darrell have over 20 years of design experience, but he is also passionate about sustainability, biomimicry and expressive design (amazing). 
Recently, he was the Chief Architect for the House of Commons, contributing in the rehabilitation of historical buildings and spaces located in the parliamentary precinct, including the West Block and Centre Block buildings.

During the talk, Darrell will share his personal journey in developing design narratives and how his most recent work has shone a light on the evolution of a building’s story.

And that’s not all we have planned this month…

May marks CM Ottawa’s 7th year! So we’ll be adding some extra special activities and goodies to celebrate our Birthday. Join us on May 31!

Registration will open on Friday, May 24 at 11 am.

Welcome to CreativeMornings Ottawa Lightning Talks!

We can’t wait to have you join us on April 26 at the Ottawa Art Gallery for the second CreativeMornings Lightning Talks. This month, we'll explore the topic of #CMinclusive. We welcome five inspirational speakers, who locally represent successful entrepreneurs, mental health advocates, inclusion consultants, youth workers, freelancers, architects, company presidents, fundraisers and leaders of social innovation.

Clary Chambers is the founder of Spark Clarity, an ambitious, queer women of colour who lives with a chronic illness and sparks joy in any room. A successful entrepreneur, Clary will speak on how folks with invisible illness/disabilities navigate their daily lives and environments creatively. She will also propose ideas on how we can encourage this creative potential in such people to collaboratively build communities and workplaces designed for everyone.

Sharon Nyangweso is an international digital communications and inclusion consultant specializing in digital experiences and moving visions for inclusivity from aspiration to action. She will share how design thinking frameworks can be used to solve critical inclusion and diversity issues in organizations, projects, and daily life. Her goal is to support everyone to move from just getting women, brown, black, transgender, or marginalized voices in the room as a diversity checkmark, to meaningful, powerful participation and co-creation.

Amy Lynch is a freelancer and the founder of ‘Babies, Business + Breakfast’, a community for parents who want to invest in themselves alongside their loved ones. Amy will teach us what happens when you bring children into business settings and inclusive experience tips for organizations, venues, caregivers and their loved ones.

Toon Dreessen is a certified LEED AP and a member of the American Institute of Architects. As President, He leads his company in project development and is responsible for award winning projects in infill development, as well as laboratory, research, industrial and high profile projects. We will learn about how he leads the company’s activism in the role of the built environment through social justice, gender equity, and fiscal responsibility.

Elspeth McKay, Executive Director of Operation Come Home, is a dedicated fund-raiser, an expert in community economic development and a leader in social innovation. She has years of experience in developing programs such as supported employment, entrepreneurship, education, and social enterprise. We will learn from her leadership and experience as a social enterprise consultant.

Free tickets will be available on Friday, April 19 on our website.

Join us on March 29 for our talk on the global theme of Water!

From its role in the very foundation of our city, to the simple beauty and mystery aquatic life provides in our own backyards, H2O is an essential part of our daily lives. Jérôme and Patrick will make the case for why it is perhaps the most important molecule of all.

Jerome studies freshwater and the small living organisms that are key to healthy lakes and rivers. His interest in underwater life has led to novel scientific studies as well as many opportunities to collaborate with local communities, artists, students and journalists who share the same passion for water. 

Patrick is a biologist by training. Throughout his career, he has channeled this passion to change hearts and minds in classrooms, boardrooms, city halls, legislative assemblies and beyond. He has also developed strong expertise in environmental policy and non-profit management.

At the end of this talk, at the very least, you’ll leave as an inspired advocate for clean water!Free tickets will be available here on March 22.

Introducing CreativeMornings Ottawa’s newest Supporting Partner - Banfield Agency!


2019 has been good to CreativeMornings Ottawa so far.

We’ve settled in nicely at our new permanent home at the Ottawa Art Gallery, Finn continues to be our official photographer and we have the wonderful team at No Hands filming our talks every month.

Now, we are EXTREMELY excited to say that Banfield Agency has joined us as a Supporting Partner for 2019! As you know, CreativeMornings is a volunteer run organization, and we rely on our sponsors to bring you these events every month. With Banfield’s help, we’ll be able to deliver even better events for our creative community!

Stay tuned to see what Banfield has in store this year, and help us send them some love on social media! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Banfield Agency is not only generous, they’re also one of Ottawa’s top creative agencies. Since 1973, Banfield has helped brands move forward in the face of change by putting people at the heart of everything they do — from the relationships they build with their local, national and global clients, to the solutions and stories they create to connect with audiences.

Oh, and they have a pretty awesome and beautifully designed insight report for those of you who want to stay on top of marketing trends: The Now Report.

Welcome, Banfield Agency!

We’re welcoming Courtney Symons to the CreativeMornings Ottawa stage on February 22 at the Ottawa Art Gallery!

Courtney is Shopify’s Lead Writer, a self-published author and an experienced haikuist. In a previous life, she was a journalist covering technology and business news.

This month, we’re talking symmetry. We were all taught about symmetry in grade school, but its usefulness extends well beyond the classroom. Courtney will share her research about the science behind symmetry, its powerful presence in our lives, and how we can harness it to create more balanced and creative versions of ourselves.

Mark your calendar to grab your free tickets on February 18 at 11 am on our website.

January is the time to make resolutions!

Inspired by the St. Pete’s chapter and Ottawa’s first zero waste store NU Grocery, we embarked on a zero waste journey.

Did you know that our morning coffee habit creates enormous amounts of waste? The coffee cups alone produce a staggering 16 billion tons of waste every year!

That’s why over the past few months, together with friends at NU we reduced our waste, eliminated single-use plastics from our catering, started composting and expanded our mug library! And we ask you to bring your own reusable mug to help us create a waste-free morning every month.

Our 2019 resolution is to make our CreativeMornings events waste-free! What’s yours?


We’re so excited to be back for another amazing year! A few new things are happening this year and a some will remain the same:

✔️ All 2019 events will be held at the beautiful Ottawa Art Gallery
✔️ Breakfast and coffee will be provided by Jackson Cafe
✔️ We will continue to work towards waste-free events with NU Grocery
✔️ We will continue to have a diverse range of creative speakers
✔️ Will will continue to celebrate how #OttawaIsCreative and welcome all!

Our first speaker of 2019 is photo-based artist Whitney Lewis-Smith to speak on the global theme Surreal. Her work uses a combination of historic and modern photographic processes as a means to speak on contemporary topics, most recently discussing consumerism, commodity accessibility, and globalization’s impact on the environment.

By referencing dutch golden era floral tableaus, Whitney highlights the evolution of humanity’s relationship with the planet. Her seemingly living moving scenes are made predominantly using insects, animals, and plants that have died, but this only becomes apparent upon close inspection. The result is a subtle tension, engaging the viewer’s fascinations and fears. 

Tickets to #CMsurreal will go live on Friday, January 18 on our website and the event will be held at 8:30 am on Friday, January 25!