I am an artist, designer, and video production specialist focusing on user oriented design with a combined 10 years of experience in studio art, digital design, and arts administration. Using my skills in fine arts, graphic design, and curation, I have produced commissioned work for the W. K. Kellogg Foundation; worked as a mosaic artist at Cheryl Hazan Mosaics; and served as a curatorial assistant at the Roger Brown Study Collection in Chicago. At my previous position as a Video Production Specialist at Squarespace, I designed mock sites, created artwork, and designed motion graphics as well as wrote, recorded, and edited videos that onboarded customers to the site’s various platforms.

As a fine artist, I am motivated by the idea of empathy. By portraying first person reactions to real-world struggles such as poverty, disease, violence, and immigration, I create pieces that explore different ideas of identity, borders, and kinship to inspire wonder and social action. My themes and approach lend themselves to collaboration, and I am looking forward to working with other artists on dynamic, socially aware, creative projects.

Drawing, watercolor painting, unpredictable imagery, cats from hell tv show, walking in New York, and other things!

Applying for an exhibition.

Anything that's worth doing comes with a challenge.

Genuineness. It's true beauty.

Clipping my cat's nails. Trust me, it's a superpower.

....this is it. :)

Directions to where I need to go. I check before I head out and I'm good to go.

Today, it would be making your own felt.