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August 25, 10:00am • Fringe Central: Venue 2 • part of a series on Genius

Photographer of the month: Chris Milne

Our SOUND talk will Nick Stewart will be documented by Chris Milne, a photographer and designer based in Edinburgh.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Chris Milne, 22, a recent graduate of Creative Computing at Edinburgh Napier. Since graduating I have been on a placement in Norway, travelled throughout a few of the Nordic countries and early next year I will move to Copenhagen, a city where I went on exchange, to complete another study and work on an exciting start up till the summer. I have been involved in the Edinburgh freelance and entrepreneurial scene for a few years now and it has been a catalyst towards my continual interest in pursuing creative projects.

What inspired you to first pick up a camera?

My Dad has been interested in photography for a long time and when I was 12 – I received one of his old cameras: an Olympus CZ730 bridge camera and just over a year later I bought my first SLR, a Nikon D50. I did a lot of photography as a hobby of many different subjects and it transitioned towards a freelance business in my last year of high school.

What subjects are you most drawn to?

I spend a lot of time in other countries whether for school, work or just my general interest in travelling. I love to photograph everywhere I go and I wouldn’t say I have any preferred subjects but I do a lot of candid, music and event photography.

What is your favourite gear you’re using at the moment? 

I inherited an old manual focus Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 AI-s and it is my favourite lens to shoot on just now. I enjoy using a prime because it encourages you to focus on internal creativity as opposed to zooming in and out. It also uses a manual aperture ring and it has an aesthetically pleasing look with the metal barrel. I like to shoot fully manually as I work a lot on my photographs in Lightroom, recently making a preset which I used on a lot of my photographs from Norway and Iceland that brought out the beauty of the scenes.

Can you list a few of your favourite creative resources?

Instagram is one of my favourites, mainly for travel purposes and also for the variety of techniques and visual styles people use to display their photography.

I’m a big fan of the creative networking bodies around Edinburgh – CreativeMornings, Creative Edinburgh, ESAF; me and my friend Katherine also started up Sandbox who are also on the scene.

Closer to home though, my personal network and the people I know are my favourite creative resource – we discuss ideas, share interesting links and take interest in each other’s skills and I think that is wholly important to a creative lifestyle.

Please tell us the story behind one of your favourite photographs.

I’m going to go for a recent one – I’ve wanted to visit Iceland for a long time and I had heard about the aircraft wreckage on the black sands. So on the Saturday morning with two awesome guys from Texas we drove in convoy before sunrise to go there. After an hours drive through the pitch black we arrived at the parking to begin the 4km walk in freezing temperatures with passing showers on a flat plain which offered little protection.  When were arriving there, it was just us and a Ukranian guy who caught up with us and we were the first five there so I decided to put on my ND filter and shoot some long exposures with the frequently changing sky. I hadn’t realised until I went to edit the photo later that the Ukranian traveller appeared as a ghostly figure in one of my shots which I thought was quite fitting since the crew members of the aircraft had walked away from it when it crashed over forty years ago.


Instagram: @chrismilnecreates

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Our Transparency event with Radim Malinic is documented by Suzanne Heffron, a freelance photographer based in Edinburgh.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an Edinburgh based photographer with a background in arts and events management. I first studied photography when I left school before returning to it full time a few years ago.

What inspired you to first pick up a camera?

I always liked taking photographs but a talk at an ECA open day when I was 17 made me consider it more seriously.

What subjects are you most drawn to?


What is your favourite gear you’re using at the moment?

I’ve just got myself a Fuji X-T1; it’s more compact than most of my other gear and means I can have it with me all the time.

Can you list a few of your favourite creative resources?

British Journal of Photography; Wallpaper Magazine; Guardian Online photography section

Please tell us the story behind one of your favourite photographs.

This has always been one of my favourite images from a recent project working with dancers. Despite a session fraught with technical difficulties everyone involved persisted and this was one of the final shots from the day – always a good reminder to not give up!

Our “Magic” event was documented by Peter McNally. Peter is a documentary photographer and film-maker based in Glasgow, Scotland. He provides individuals, businesses, organisations and photo editors with high quality visual imagery to tell stories of people, places and events. 

Visit Peter’s website to find our more about his beautiful work and read on to find our more about his passion for photography.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a documentary and portrait photographer based out of Glasgow. I have worked extensively in music and politics in Scotland and Scandinavia, following both musicians and politicians during their work. Most notably of late I worked with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon over 20 months on several different campaigns. I apply my documentary style to everything I do, be it commercial work, editorial or even portrait work.

What inspired you to first pick up a camera?
I don’t remember actually. Curiosity most likely. I picked up a camera at a very early age and I have been at it ever since. I taught myself entirely on an old 35mm russian film camera.

What subjects are you most drawn to?
I am mostly drawn to people and their expressions. By that I mean the way they move and react in front of a camera or how they behave when they either don’t know you are there or forget you are there. A camera affords you an intimate view of a subject that you wouldn’t really get otherwise.

What is your favourite gear you’re using at the moment?
Right now it’s the Ricoh GR. A tiny but powerful digital point and shoot camera that as far as I can tell is a bit of a well kept secret in the photography world. I have been downsizing my gear for years now to see how little I can get away with. When you get near full bleed double page spreads published with pictures taken on a point and shoot you realise that what gear you have doesn’t always matter.    

Can you list a few of your favourite creative resources? 
I’m a magazine junkie but not particularly photography magazines. I don’t seek out inspiration for photography like blogs or anything like that. I’m more interested in typface, layout and design. The only photography magazine that I really loved was Once Magazine which was an iPad only publication and did long and beautiful photo essays. Sadly, they finished publishing a while back.

Please tell us the story behind one of your favourite photographs.

My photograph of Nicola Sturgeon facing the audience on stage at The Hydro in Glasgow is one of my favourites purely because it’s quite dramatic. I tend to prefer an understated image. Something subtle. This is far from it and I like it because of that. Also I had around 10 second to get the shot and I had all the stage lights pointing directly at me from all angles. My experience shooting rock and pop concerts kicked in and I set up the shot in my head before I went out to get it. It’s also one of those shots you can’t ever do again so you have to nail it first time. That’s always fun.

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This October HERE + NOW will be delivering a series of FREE guided walking and cycling tours exploring some of Edinburgh’s brilliant local community, growing and arts projects!

These tours will stop in at community growing or arts projects that received a seat as part of the #SpaceToSit event earlier in the summer, with speakers giving an overview of projects along the route.  These include Summerhall, The Rust Garden, The Grove Garden at Harrison Park, the Wikihouse at Tollcross Primary School, Wauchope Community Garden, and St Margaret’s House.

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One of our key objectives is to celebrate local creative talent. Every month we work with a local photographer and ask them to document our events. Our June event, BROKEN, with Akiko Kobayashi in June was captured by award winning graphic, editorial and digital designer, Adam Wilson. 

Visit Adam’s website to find our more about his beautiful work and read on to find our more about his passion for photography. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m actually a senior designer here at Whitespace where today’s event was held. I’ve lived and worked in Edinburgh for 11 years now. Originally thought I’m from the north east of England, this is where I studied Graphic Design, specifically newspaper and magazine design. I always knew I wanted to pursue a creative career, and at this time my college was really well connected in London which seemed to offer a world of opportunity for young designers.

 What inspired you to first pick up a camera?

I’d spent a lot of time editing other photographers work, as this would ultimately end up in my editorial design work. Just looking at the technical information embedded into the files themselves got me sort of hooked, I didn’t know what an F stop was, or the faintest clue how ISO worked but I had this information to work back from. I knew how to do post production on images way before I could take a picture. Following some money I won through a Threadless Tshirt print, I decided to buy my first Nikon D40 and shortly after that my first Sigma Prime lens.

 What subjects are you most drawn to?

As a designer I’m always more interested in what you leave that makes an image rather than what you put in. Whether it’s food, people, travel, scenery, I’m always trying to find a way to simplify the image. I take pictures of what comes my way, I try not to plan too much.

 What is your favourite gear you’re using at the moment? 

I stripped it way back a few years ago. I now just have a Fuji X-pro1, a 35mm and 18mm lenses. Honestly a simple leather wrist strap is one of the best things over bought, purely for the reason this stops me visibly having a camera round my neck. People aren’t too bothered when you sneak in a quick picture this way, you get away with a lot more when you don’t look like a photographer.

Can you list a few of your favourite creative resources?

Picture wise I still trawl Flickr, Instagram, and VSCO. I get more design inspiration from It’s Nice That and Deezen. Tech wise I get a lot from The Verge and WIRED. More than anything recently though I’ve been enjoying a lot of the shows to come with the chanel Viceland. The series Huang’s World written, presented, and produced by Eddie Huang has been the most informative programme about food, travel, politics and much more I’ve seen. Its inspired a certain wanderlust.

Please tell us the story behind one of your favourite photographs.

This is actually a photo from my 30th birthday. Many pictures came out of that night but this particular one of myself and my Dad is one of my most cherished pictures. Its one of the last pictures we have together. He looks so dapper in this too, but he did at every party.

My friend Laura took this on her phone… I’ve thanked her countless times for capturing it.

This month we’re trying something new because we really believe in diversity and equality. Perhaps you’ve never been been on stage in front of a large audience or you’re not sure how to take the leap into public speaking? Together with #upfront, we’re inviting you to share the stage with Akiko Kobayashi.

#upfront is forcing stages around the world to be more diverse and accessible by inviting audience members to share the stage during the talk. Those on the stage don’t say any more than any other audience member would, and of course Akiko will be there to facilitate and you’ll meet her before hand. The last time Lauren Currie was upfront she shared her stage with nine other people who all had their different reasons for wanting to push themselves out their comfort zone.

Up for it? Email us at to claim a seat on the #upfront couch. Places are limited.

Our REALITY event with Pete Thomas was photographed by Scottish based portrait & wedding photographer, Holly Weslay. Read our interview with Holly and follow her work on Instagram

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a freelance photographer & creative apprentice for Creative Edinburgh, Kalopsia and Applied Arts.  I recently moved to Edinburgh from the west coast of Scotland to pursue my job as a creative apprentice but along the way I’ve been able to see more of the country, try some different kinds of photography and meet new, interesting people.

What inspired you to first pick up a camera?

Growing up in the middle of nowhere it was beautiful and isolated so there wasn’t an awful lot else to do although, my interest in photography grew when I was given an old camera and had the chance to play around with settings and styles.

What subjects are you most drawn to?

Again, living on the west coast I was drawn to the beauty of the Scottish countryside but wasn’t satisfied with taking photos of pretty landscapes for long.  I soon decided to merge the photos of landscapes with my friends and local artists who would pose in them.

What is your favourite gear you’re using at the moment? 

I am a loyal 50mm user and never leave for a shoot with out it. Also at the moment I’m trying some new things with an old eos 5 Canon film camera (which my grandpa says was the best camera he’s ever owned) and loving the effect it gives with expired film.

Can you list a few of your favourite creative resources?

Although I love to learn from magazines like i-D and Dazed, I feel I get most of my inspiration from the people around me whether it’s a talk from creatives or bouncing ideas around with friends doing all sorts of different jobs.

Please tell us the story behind one of your favourite photographs.


This was a photo taken down at the beach in Oban, Argyll with the Musician, Shanine Gallagher.  She was brave enough to run into the sea while it was chucking it down – we both agreed it was worth it afterwards.

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