Dave Gau shows us why the beauty in Serendipity is all about what we do with it.

Videography by Tobi Oluwo, theboyintime.com

About the speaker

Hello! I’m Dave Gau, a Richmond, Virginia based motion graphics artist, animator, improviser, facilitator, director and cartoonist.

That’s a lot. And I’ll be the first to admit that I keep myself working at a challenging pace. But the connecting thread through all that I do is laughter. The art of bringing smiles to the faces of others. From performing comedy on stage to bringing life to a newly animated character or simply chatting with a client. My goal is to connect, whenever possible, through the power of humor. Working independently or as a member of team, as the director of a project, facilitator of an experience or as the getter of coffee, I love what I do.

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