Cabell has one of those minds that combines a military strategist with a sense of humor, A.D.D. child with business acumen, and a mad professor with taste and a sense of composition. He’s a wonderful, bright creative solver with more going on in his own head than most of the entire advertising industry today.” - Andy Spade, cofounder of Kate Spade.

Meet Cabell Harris, our #CMrestart speaker.

Cabell is the Creative Director and founder of WORK Labs and WORK and Friends. He will tell you there’s a lot of things he’s admittedly not very good at but he’s pretty good at branding. In a recent Creative Q&A with BizSense he shared how he learned to work quick and smart, solve problems and be somewhat of a Navy SEAL team for agencies.

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Thank you for joining us, Cabell! We look forward to exploring our global theme ‘Restart’ with you.  

Tickets for this event go LIVE on Monday, November 12th at 10am here. They tend to go fast so set your alarms and we’ll see you soon.

November is Restart

I need to disconnect. There’s too much noise in my head. I am burning out. I need space to rethink everything. I need a hard reset.

Exhaustion is like dehydration—when you feel it, you’ve gone too far.

So we finally cave in and heed the words of people who’ve found their centers again: take a trip into nature, go for walks, unplug completely.

The challenge with restarting is that we often save it for the end rather than creating pockets throughout our weeks where we prioritize reflection and solitude.

Restarting is essential. It’s a way to digest experiences, reflect and cultivate self-awareness, and remind ourselves that life is to be enjoyed. It’s refreshing and feeds greater intention and momentum into our creative endeavors.

If you find yourself feeling like you’re on a treadmill with an invisible hand increasing the velocity, remind yourself: only you have the power to get off and recalibrate.

Our global exploration of Restart was chosen by our Cologne chapter and illustrated by Marie Maerz. Thank you to Adobe for empowering the global creative community this month.


Vulnerability, being raw, art as honesty… and font geeks. Karen Costello of The Martin Agency took us on an journey about, “creating things that make people feel” at #CMhonesty. So much honest wisdom packed into a Friday morning. Thank you Karen! 

Our time at Art Works was well spent with a breakfast spread from SubRosa, coffee fuel from Alchemy RVA and a few very honest #RVA moments.

Thank you to our local partners who kept us honest this month: Capital One, IdeaWeavers, Worth Higgins and Associates, and ICF Olson.

  • Venue Art Works 
  • Videography by Max Schlickenmeyer
  • Photography by Sandy Swagger Jones
  • In Kind Printing by Keith Fabry

See more of the global action with #CMhonesty.

October is Honesty

Honesty is the currency for connection. It’s a gift we give to each other that strengthens bonds and deepens relationships.

Honesty is a practice where we start from the heart.

Being honest isn’t always easy and being honest all of the time is impractical. Giving honest feedback or sharing our opinions requires sensitivity to the context and meeting others where they are—with kindness and empathy.

Honesty is about providing the information that you would want if you were in a similar situation.

Another way to look at honesty: it’s a flower born out of the soil of trust, connection, and conversations. The more we nurture conversations that breed trust and forge a connection, the more honesty becomes baked into the way we lead our lives.

This month’s global exploration of Honesty was chosen by our Cardiff chapter and illustrated by James Lewis.


Our time at our original partner Capital One’s West Creek Campus was anything but chaotic! We had a full breakfast spread, played our largest game of rock, paper, scissors and were able to seat a lot more of you morning people. Matt Brehony captured our hearts with his story of raising triplets and a journey of letting the cards fall where they were supposed to - even in the chaos. 

Browse the photos and relive the moments again HERE

Thank you to our local partners who keep us buzzing every month Capital One, IdeaWeavers, Worth Higgins and Associates, and ICF Olson.

Chaos Responsibly, y’all! 


Free Egunfemi, from UntoldRVA, reminded us to give back to the community that is holding us together.  Follow the full global conversation of COMMUNITY at #CMcommunity.

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Thank you local partners at Capital One, IdeaWeavers, Worth Higgins and Associates, and ICF Olson for keeping us connected in community. 

We love you, community!

A community is a reflection of what we crave: belonging.

Belonging is the heart of human connection. Our hardwiring is to be social creatures, to need one another. We cannot become our best selves without feeling like we belong to a tribe that sees us, respects us, and lifts us up.

A sense of belonging can be fostered in many ways: food, music, volunteering, a cause. You can scan a room and see a diversity of backgrounds, ages, and skill sets—yet the common thread is shared desires and aspirations. It’s magnificently profound how simple this connection is, how deeply we all crave it, and how it changes the trajectory of our lives.

The work of community is when a person walks into a room with fear and self-doubt, only to leave with a new narrative and a feeling of possibility and hope.

We can give that experience to one another. It’s the work of being human.

The August 2018 global exploration of Community was chosen by our Philadelphia chapter and illustrated by James Olstein.

See Photos & Video from our Richmond event here


“Align your inner truth to how you show up every day… We have to become aware of our intentions.“ - Elizabeth Smartt

Elizabeth Smartt talked naming and INTENTION with us #CreativeMorning this July. Follow the global conversation at #CMintention.

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Special Thanks to our Local Partners at Capital OneIdeaWeaversFahrenheit / Creative and Digital, and ICF Olson 

Another wonderful morning. Thanks for joining us! 

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If you look closely, you can see the intention behind the action, a project, or a sassy tweet. 

Intention is palpable. A hand-written thank you resonates in our hearts more strongly than an email. One person standing for something pales in comparison to a community fighting for something. Beautiful work is not on accident. Beauty grows from the seed of a clear intention. 

How do we get better at setting clear intentions?

The same way we improve at anything: with practice, self-awareness, feedback from friends, and learning how to show up more wholeheartedly.

This month’s global exploration of Intention was chosen by our Nashville chapter, and illustrated by Nik Daum. Thank you to MailChimp, Adobe, and for supporting our global creative community. 

Tickets go LIVE on Monday, July 16 at 10:00 am here

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