Made in India. Groomed in New York. Currently giving hugs and high fives in Richmond, Virginia. I am a problem solving, challenge loving, creative director and brand champion who helps organizations and businesses sort through the noise of communication to develop a laser focus on what they do well.

brand story, marketing, project management, creative direction

It's best if you take on life with a soft heart, tough skin and a sense of humor.

Over the top dreaming.

Any phrase in Malayalam.

This is a very first mural I did in Richmond. It was illegal. I had a fake jumpsuit, the whole nine yards, I went here and did it in broad daylight. This guy comes around from work — two cocktail day — comes around and sees it. Hates it, like, "This sucks." But you know what, I didn't care because I'd stopped him, I made him take that one second and make a creative interpretation. He looked at it and went, "I don't like it. Huh, I don't know what it's doing here, but I don't like it." . . . I won.