“We, artists, inspire people to love when it is easier to hate.”

Art, according to Paola Mendoza, creates culture and illuminates us in dark times. We, artists, have a responsibility to use our talent and voices to create work that uplifts communities and sets the bar higher. Creative communities are the catalyst for the change we seek to create. The time to create art that speaks truths and ushers change is now. Artists… we need you.

About the speaker

Paola Mendoza was the Artistic Director for the Women’s March on Washington, the largest one-day mass mobilization in the history of the world.

For her day job, Paola is a critically acclaimed film director and author. Her films have continually tackled the effects of poverty and immigration on women and children in the United States. Her award-winning movies have premiered at the most prestigious film festivals around the world, including: Toronto, Berlin, South by South West, Pusan, Deauville, HotDocs and Tribeca. Her most recent documentary series, Behind the Headlines, was Executive Produced by America Ferrera. She was named one of Filmmaker Magazine 25 New Faces of Independent Film and she is a Tribeca All Access, Film Independent and Independent Film Week fellow. Her first novel, THE ONES WHO DON’T STAY, was published by Penguin Books.

She is the proud mother of Mateo Ali.

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Point your camera towards the stories that need to be told. Pick up your pen and write the stories that the communities that are most vulnerable and do it with love and dignity and respect. — Paola Mendoza

What makes a person's heart open? And what makes a person's heart close? Today, this country is suffering from a mass contraction of the heart. And I firmly believe that it is artists, it is the creative community, that can reopen the heart of America. — Paola Mendoza

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