With a background in the nonprofit sector and higher education, my professional work is heavily empathy-driven, focused on understanding, supporting and problem-solving for unique groups of people facing unique challenges. I am deeply interested in improving technology through better design in fields neglected by the tech world. I grew up outside of Boston and have lived in Brooklyn since 2010. I hold a BA in English Writing, Creative Nonfiction from the University of Pittsburgh.

Nonprofit fundraising

Coding, learning Adobe products like InDesign and Photoshop.

1.) Learn to manage up. 2.) When faced with a hard choice, you have the power to make reasons for yourself (Ruth Chang, How to Make Hard Choices, TEDTalk)

Barack Obama. His careful, deliberate and fair leadership and decision making over the course of his presidency inspire me to strive for those qualities in my own life and work (obviously on a much smaller, less-important scale).

Predicting all the things that might go wrong


Lyrics to any song on Rick Dee's Weekly Top 40 during the summer of 1997

Active listening


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