Ends are unique opportunities in disguise. They allow us to make meaning out of our past relationships, experiences, projects, and seasons in life.

On the other hand, beginnings are romanticized and energize us to envision all the impressive things we will do. Headlines celebrate the latest rising startup or ‘it’ destinations travelers must see.

But reaching the end of something can also carry meaningful joy. Author Wes Moore once talked about the difference between our jobs and our work. Moore said, “Your goal should never be to start something. Your goal should be to end things.”

When we truly fulfill an ending, it reflects growth and real change. We can create projects to end loneliness, walk away from empty relationships, change habits, or choose a different career trajectory.

The secret about 'the end’ is that it actually contains countless possibilities.

Our Rio de Janeiro chapter chose this month’s exploration of End and Isadora Zeferino illustrated the theme.

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“There’s increasing evidence that a learning and development (L&D) program is now an essential component of the digital economy.” 

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National Sawdust

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May’s theme is Preserve

The beauty in our world deserves to be cherished, sustained, and rediscovered. We share this life, and every day we have the opportunity to act as thoughtful participants in it.

What do we care about? What do we take for granted? Would we miss it if it disappeared?

Preservation begins with asking deep questions and turning our attention to the environment around us.

Marine biologist and explorer Sylvia Earle wrote in her book, The World is Blue, “Should we race to see how quickly we can consume the last tuna, swordfish, and grouper? Or race to see what can be done to protect what remains? For now, there is still a choice.”

Our daily habits are a mirror reflecting back what we truly care about. Our actions are key to protecting the wellbeing of our communities, cities, and planet.

Pause for a moment to notice what is being neglected and take an audit. We can break out of patterns, simplify our lives, and focus on the things that will last a long time.

Together, we can chart a brighter path into the future.

Our Charleston chapter chose this month’s exploration of Preserve and Chris Nickels illustrated the theme. Thank you to our Global Partners—Mailchimp, Adobe, and WordPress.com—for supporting us.

Hey community, it’s your turn!

We invite you to the CreativeMornings stage at 501 Union on August 9th to speak for seven minutes on the theme of justice. This is the global theme for August, and CreativeMornings speakers in 200+ cities around the world will also be delving into this concept on stage. If selected, your talk will be in good company in our robust video archive after the live event.

How you interpret the theme is up to you. Social justice, the court system, a finely tuned sense of fairness. What causes do you advocate for? How can we expand opportunities and privileges in our society — or repair systemic injustices that extend back for generations? Maybe it’s a story of taking justice into your own hands, or sweet, sweet poetic justice. Or maybe it’s an exploration of doing justice to a legacy, person, or work of art. What can we learn from your experiences with justice?

In the past, we’ve hosted a variety of speakers for Audience Takes the Stage. Sara Hashim spoke about finding community, even when moving around a lot. Michelle Poler talked about her project, 100 Days Without Fear. Artist Erin Kim discussed defining herself on her own terms. Danielle Fazzolari spoke about the gatherings she leads called Stoop Meditation.

The deadline to apply is Friday, June 21 at 5pm EDT. We will notify the chosen speakers on Monday, July 1. (If chosen, you will get complimentary coaching before the big day.)

To apply, record a short video (3 minutes max) and submit here.

The stage is calling…

April’s theme is Inclusive

When different people come into our lives, they bring gifts.

We can blend the best of our wisdom with the best of theirs. We can teach and learn from each other to produce closer circles that foster community and commit to diversity. People who include with intention, raise their hand to do the work of embracing what is unfamiliar.

Inclusion is an attitude to consciously be open to ideas that come from outside of our settled ways of thinking or feeling. It’s about making a decision that comes from a place of love, of caring for others.

When you place inclusivity at the center of how you live, it has great power to heal, elevate new voices, and change the narrative of who belongs. As diversity advocate Vernā Myers once said, “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Our Grand Rapids chapter chose this month’s exploration of Inclusive, Libby VanderPloeg illustrated the theme, and WordPress.com is presenting the theme globally.

March’s theme is WATER

It’s the main source of all life. The lifeblood element that makes up 60% of our bodies.

It’s the liquid that we don’t drink enough of, yet waste effortlessly.

It’s home to millions of species, mysteries, and undiscovered knowledge.

We know more about the stars in the sky than the depths of our oceans.

We can use it to save lives. If used foolishly, it can take lives.

We think there is an abundance, yet only one percent can be touched. If we don’t protect our waters, then what will happen to life?

Our Perth chapter chose this month’s exploration of Water and Sofia Varano illustrated the theme.

Meet our SYMMETRY Illustrator

“Symmetry evokes a feeling of orderliness and harmony that each of us is looking for to some extent.”

🎨 Anna Fadeeva is our illustrator for #CMsymmetry. She’s an illustrator from the northern Russian city, Saint Petersburg. Read her full interview on the CreativeMornings blog.

February’s theme is SYMMETRY

What do a planet, an attractive face, and a snowflake have in a common? Symmetry.

Symmetry is prevalent throughout life. You can fold a sunflower in half, stories have an arc, and the human body can bend and create mesmerizing shapes. There are also irregularities that enhances life; it adds beauty and complexity. If there’s symmetry in nature, then there must be a kind of symmetry in the way we lead our lives.

Symmetry cannot be possible without asymmetry, the same way sadness magnifies joy.

Alan Lightman wrote in The Accidental Universe, “I would claim that symmetry represents order, and we crave order in this strange universe we find ourselves in.” But chaos will happen whether we like it or not, it’s how we respond to it that either creates order or more chaos.

When in chaos, create your symmetry.

Our Saint Petersburg chapter chose this month’s exploration of Symmetry, Anna Fadeeva illustrated the theme, and Mailchimp is the presenting partner.

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