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CreativeMornings/New York is on the look out for new venues to host our community of open-hearted creative thinkers in 2020. Past venues have included Google, Cooper Union, SVA, Parsons, The Japan Society, 501 Union, The Invisible Dog, and MoMA.

Our main events are known for not only being the largest face-to-face monthly gatherings of creatives in New York (our community is 20K strong and growing), but also for the joyful energy they bring to a Friday morning.

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Lost at Work? Learn How Relational Intelligence Can Guide Us Toward Well-Being and Success With Esther Perel
(Image Source: New Yorker)

Relationships are going through a complex cultural shift – both at home and at work– leaving many of us feeling lost as we search for identity, meaning, purpose and belonging. Expectations placed on leaders, teams and businesses are reaching an all-time high in a time when many of us lack the tools and resources to reach this new Olympus.

According to national polls, the #1 reason employees leave their jobs is poor management; other studies show that 70% of startups fail because of relationship conflicts between co-founders; and research doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the complexities of client management. When it comes to relating to one another in the workplace, we need a new script. Relational intelligence is no longer a “soft skill”. It is quickly becoming an anchor for professional success.

Building on more than 35 years of experience in individual and organizational consulting, and sharing some lessons learned while creating her new podcast, How’s Work?, iconic psychotherapist and relationship philosopher Esther Perel shines a light on the invisible forces shaping the modern workplace and how all of us can reach new heights by rethinking how we connect.

Attend our next event with Esther to learn more.

November's Theme is Lost

When you’re wading through the unknown, it can feel scary and risky. You float around wondering if you’re going in the right direction and want to know what’s next.

Being lost is a collaboration between possibility and uncertainty. It’s an excuse to get one step closer to a more fulfilling life. What you were comfortable with may not be there anymore, but you will have the remarkable opportunity to reconnect with yourself and embrace discovery.

In these “in-between” moments, turn to your inner beacon and pay close attention to where it’s guiding you. Your beacon is the light that blazes within you, a signal made up of your values, dreams, and priorities.

The essayist Anaïs Nin put it best when she wrote: “The unknown was my compass. The unknown was my encyclopedia. The unnamed was my science and progress.”

Shine your light. Ask for help and let go of the idea that you have to make a perfect choice. You may feel lost, but you are not alone.

Our Milwaukee chapter chose this month’s exploration of Lost and Melissa Lee Johnson illustrated the theme.

Photo by Paul Jun

Thank you for joining us!

We loved having you this morning! Thank you so much for attending our event featuring Giorgia Lupi. We felt lucky to get a glimpse into Giorgia’s mind and how she thinks about data in relation to our everyday lives. It was inspiring to learn how data humanism is evolving and changing our world.

Read the full recap of the event.

October's Theme is Flow

It’s no secret that our modern-day world is full of distractions: Glowing screens. Notifications. 24-hour news cycles. At times, it can feel exhausting to try and get things done with all the bells and whistles competing for your attention.

In his book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, psychologist and researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi theorizes that people are happiest when they are in a state of flow. Flow is the experience of completely immersing yourself in a singular pursuit and effectively applying your skills to it.

When you’re in flow, your awareness of time momentarily dissolves. You’re in a temporary, but energizing state that helps you make progress with the task in front of you. So, how can you rise above the noise and get into flow?

First, quiet your mind and take a deep breath. Then, pick one task (yes, just one) and set clear goals for it. Move or put away any distractions around you. Lastly, take your first action. Whether it’s writing your first sentence, drawing your first stroke, or playing your first note — dive in.

Activate your flow and let it carry you where you need to go.

Our Mexico City chapter chose this month’s exploration of Flow and David Espinosa a.k.a El Dee illustrated the theme.

September's Theme is Muse

Whether you’re a mathematician tinkering with complex equations or a musician pairing discordant notes together, searching for inspiration can often send you in circles. The longer you sit and wait for an epiphany to strike, the harder it gets to make progress.

What if you could get unstuck by turning to your muse?

Your muse comes from the deepest parts of your imagination and guides you to new ideas. It invites you to bring your dreams to life using the raw materials found in your daily life. Artist and director Oroma Elewa once said, “I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”

The next time you want to draw out your muse, stimulate your imagination in a different context. Leave your desk, take a walk outside, read something different, observe the ordinary, or try your hand at a new recipe.

Chances are your muse will come out to play.

Our Dubai chapter chose this month’s exploration of Muse and Shahul Hameed illustrated the theme. Presented around the world by our Global Partner, Mailchimp.


Georgia native Cliff Corr began singing and songwriting in the mid-2000s, when he toured the South with his band BlueLine. As a solo act, Cliff’s song “True Love Real” was featured on CMT’s Top 20 Countdown. After living in Nashville, TN for the past 12 years, where he played venues like Mercy Lounge, the Basement, Douglas Corner Cafe and 12th & Porter, Cliff recently made the move to Atlanta. He’s excited to be closer to family and enjoying the energy of the city.

Cliff’s sound is undoubtedly influenced by the artists he loves, including Vance Joy, Kevin Griffin, Max Gomez, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, and Guster, and he brings to his songs his own experiences with love, loss, change, and strength when it feels hard to hold on. You can listen to Cliff’s latest EP “Lonely One: Sessions at Anthem” here.

Fun Fact: Cliff is also the Director of Partner Marketing for our Global Partner Mailchimp. (We love our partners!)

Announcing our September MUSE Speaker: Kathryn Engberg

Kathryn Engberg, a third generation artist in her family, was exposed to art from a very young age. Watching her mother and grandmother paint and spend time in their respective studios was a regular and natural part of her childhood. Early on, she displayed a creative gift for drawing and painting and was fortunate to be enveloped in a cultured, artistic environment that nurtured her extraordinary talent.

In 2016, Kathryn graduated from the Grand Central Atelier in Manhattan. At this renowned school, she was under the tutelage of the internationally acclaimed classical master Jacob Collins and several of his most accomplished students.

Now a principal instructor at the atelier school, Kathryn is known for her exquisite sensitivity of highly refined draftsmanship and classical painting technique. She is a member of Oil Painters of America, the Salmagundi Club, and the recipient of numerous awards, including those from Grand Central Atelier, Art Renewal Center and The Sobart Foundation.

She currently resides in Queens, New York. Her work is represented in galleries across the U.S. and owned by collectors around the world.