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June 2, 8:30am • ESPIGA • part of a series on Survival

May’s theme is serendipity: fortunate or pleasant happenstances. In a very interesting presentation, Alexander Russell and Pedro Fragoso Lopes talked about the chain of serendipitous events that shaped them both, as persons, as professionals, and in bringing Planet Fusion Studio into being; thus reflecting on the role of luck in both life and work.

Many thanks to Espiga and its owners Hugo and Inês for their relentless commitment to CreativeMornings/Porto, hosting these conversations and offering us volunteers and all attendees a great breakfast in a very cozy environment. Thanks also to all the volunteers who made the event possible - Luís, Catarina, and Mara -, and to all the attendees who shared into a great talk.

As always, you can take a look at photos of the event in its Flickr set.

Photos by Catarina David, Mara Ungureanu, and Eduardo Morais. Text by Eduardo Morais.

So many thanks to Lara Jacinto from Colectivo to come and present the group’s work The Thin Line, an ongoing photographic essay about Europe’s borders, sometimes invisible, sometimes unavoidable and impassable.

Many thanks to Espiga for hosting the event and for offering a great breakfast. You can take a peek at Filipe’s photos of the event in its Flickr set. Thanks also to all the volunteers who made the event possible - Luís, Filipe, Catarina, Mónica, Helena, Joel -, and to all the attendees who shared a really great talk.

Illustration by Joel Faria. Photos by Filipe Brandão. Text by Eduardo Morais


What a great, deep - and fun - presentation! Historian, writer and traveller Raquel Patriarca gave a wonderful talk about the mutating nature of taboos over time and space. You can take a look at Nicole’s photos of the event, with the video to follow in the coming months, as we tackle the editing queue.


A great thank you to Espiga for hosting us so early in the morning, giving us much-needed caffeine and a tasty breakfast. Many thanks also to all the volunteers who made yet another even possible - Luís, Nicole, Catarina, Lurdes, Joel, and to all the attendees who shared a really great talk.


Illustration by Joel Faria. Photos by Nicole Tsangaris. Text by Eduardo Morais.

The first Porto Photography Festival will happening in September and we were delighted to have organizer Anna Gunn of McGunnMedia presenting the festival to the CreativeMornings/Porto community. You can check out Filipe’s photos of the event.

As always, thanks to Espiga for having us so early in the morning with a great breakfast. Hugo and Inês, you are indeed tireless!

We’ll return to Espiga on March 24th with a talk by writer and historian Raquel Patriarca about #Taboo. See you there!

Top illustration by Joel Faria. Photos by Filipe Brandão. Text by Eduardo Morais.

CreativeMornings/Porto had a great start to 2017 with a talk by S.P.O.T. in which the duo recounted the hidden urban #Mysteries they find while scouting for unconventional locations for events such as the FleaMarket Porto. You can check out the event’s photos at our Flickr.

Thanks to Espiga for having us and for a great breakfast! Thanks also to all the chapter volunteers that helped with the event - Luís Silva, Filipe Brandão, Joel Faria, Catarina David and Lurdes. You are great!

We’ll return to Espiga on February 24th with a talk by Anna Gunn, presenting the Porto Photography Festival which will be taking place in September. See you there!

Top illustration by Joel Faria. Text and photo by Eduardo Morais.

What a great way to close 2016! Pedro Marques, a very talented film composer and co-founder of Jump Willy gave us an incredible talk at Espiga about his very hands-on development as an artist and his great work, from music to sound mixing and then back to composition. Nicole Tsangaris, which I thank, took great photos of the event, while Joel Faria did the amazing illustration above.

We are hard at work editing the videos of the past talks, but also looking forward to continue having such great guests in 2017. We’ll be posting updates about the first couple of events in the next few days. 

In the meantime, I’d like to thank everyone who helped CreativeMornings/Porto through its rebirth in 2016: Gil and Sofia of course, for lending me the opportunity to host, but also Sally at CreativeMornings HQ for her invaluable assistance; Hugo and Inês for hosting us at Espiga and always eager to help things happen; a great team of volunteers in Luís, Joel, Filipe, Nicole, Catarina, Tiago, Duarte, the Canal 180 gang (Ola, Javier), and Mariana; all guests that have accepted our invitations and were eager to brighten our mornings: Joana Nogueira and Patrícia Rodrigues, Jorge Abade, Ana Cristina Pereira, the OpenField gang, Álvaro Domingues, Constança Araújo Amador, and Pedro Marques; and finally all attendees and regulars that have supported us with their presence:

An Happy New Year!

That Friday morning in late November the skies offered a brief relief from the week’s heavy rain, just so that CreativeMornings/Porto attendees and us volunteers could gather around Espiga’s hot coffee and tea and listen to Contança Araújo Amador’s talk about #Fantasy.

As in most events, Luís Silva greeted attendees at the door, and everyone had the breakfast offered by Espiga’s Hugo and Inês. All the while Filipe Brandão started to take photographs of the event (check the album here) and Catarina David and Javier from Canal 180 got their video gear ready.

Contança Araújo Amador is a very talented visual artist and illustrator. In her talk, she presented her work as intertwined to her life narrative, starting from her upbringing and early influences by gothic fantasy, to her later exploration of poetry and themes from nature, merged in watercolor fantasies.

After a Q&A with the attendees we gave Constança a very warm thank you for her talk and extended her our invitation to attend the next CreativeMornings/Porto. December 16th, again with Hugo and Inês’ delicious breakfast at Espiga, composer and sound designer Pedro Marques will talk about #Sound! All welcome!

Text by Eduardo Morais. Photos by Filipe Brandão. Top illustration by Joel Faria.


After September's field trip, CreativeMornings/Porto returned to Espiga in October with a great talk by Professor Álvaro Domingues, a geographer and researcher in the field of urban planning.


Hugo and Inês presented the crew, the speaker and all attendees with a rich breakfast, which in what a chilly morning included a much needed cup of tea for yours truly. Luís Silva greeted the attendees, while Filipe Brandão photographed the event and Catarina David videotaped the talk with the help of Duarte Castelo Branco.


Professor Domingues approached the monthly theme of transparency from an askew angle. Using the novel Os Transparentes by Angolan writer Ondjaki as start, Prof. Álvaro Domingues talked about his travels through Luanda, and how the city's spatial and social geography is riddled with transparencies, Ondjaki's chosen word for invisibilities. People's needs are as invisible to Angola's ruling elites, but so did most of Angola's history, including a recent thirty-year civil war, been rendered transparent. And in a stark contrast, Prof. Domingues reported how his status as a Portuguese white male (that is, one of the ex-colonizers) made him absolutely conspicuous and visible, how the desired transparency as an observer was impossible.


After a brief Q&A with the attendees we gave Professor Domingues a very warm thank you for his talk and extended him our invitation to attend the next CreativeMornings/Porto, November 25th, again with Hugo and Inês’ delicious breakfast at Espiga! Artist and illustrator Constança Araújo Amador will talk about #Fantasy! All welcome!

Text by Eduardo Morais. Photos by Filipe Brandão. Top illustrattion by Joel Faria.


Field trip! For a very special September edition of CreativeMornings about #Magic, Porto's own choice of global theme, we went to visit the OpenField Creative Lab, a colaborative studio in Porto composed by a multidisciplinary team working on a fusion of art and technology - Francisca Gonçalves, Ivo Teixeira, Nuno Alves de Carvalho, Rodrigo Carvalho e Tiago Gama Rocha. They have been producing shows like Lasers de S. João and organizing fun DIY electronics exploration workshops.

If magic is just advanced technology, as Arthur C. Clarke may have put it, we went to visit a place were a vibrant group of digital artists and technologists prepare magic.


Hugo and Inês from Espiga came by and brought a great breakfast. Luís Silva welcomed attendees at the door, while Filipe Brandão started taking the photos you can see in the event's Flickr album. Catarina David and Duarte Corte-Real busily prepared their gear to record the talk, while Joel Faria opened his notebook and started to draw the proceedings. As people arrived, attendees, the OpenField crew and our group of voluntaries mingled over coffee, fruit juice, cake and sandwiches!


The time came for the talks. Ivo Teixeira introduced the team and told us a bit how such a diverse group found itself and built such an inspiring place to work together on a diverse array of projects.


Ivo, along with Francisca Gonçalves, Nuno Alves de Carvalho, Rodrigo Carvalho proceeded to present short talks on their wide array of projects, from Web work for a local beer brewery, to DIY electronics and visuals workshops, from motion controlled art installations and a painting machine to a public interactive laser show in the city's main square. How did they come with their ideas? What challenges made them change and iterate? What did work? What didn't? Where do you rent lasers?...


Before an interested audience, where José Raimundo could be found also drawing the presenters, Tiago Gama Rocha offered some final thoughts and conclusions. The takeaway? 

"There was no magic, there was a lot of work." 

And that is how magic is made.


See you all soon!

Text by Eduardo Morais. Photos by Filipe Brandão. Top illustrattion by Joel Faria. Bottom illustrations by José Raimundo. GIF animation shot by FIlipe Brandão and prepared by Eduardo Morais.