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June 25, 5:30pm • Tribe Street Kitchen •

It is pretty exciting to see our own community raise their hands and commit to helping us keep this thing going! Shane Fowler from Mind Made is no stranger to our events and now we want to introduce you to them as our new breakfast partner. They join a group of companies that pour great love into CreativeMornings Kansas City and get us fueled and ready to uplift each other.

Mind Made is a group of designers (architectural, interior, branding, fabrication and construction) who are desperately seeking to transform the landscape of design in the traditional sense and challenge the paradigm of how we practice. They are makers of much (from architecture to relationships) and operate with a mentality of acting as the anti-thesis to status quo.

Shane has generously accepted to answer some quirky questions we threw his way in order to get to know him better.

What do you typically eat for breakfast?
Liquid diet of the black stuff - I’m a fan of those empty calories.  

In one sentence or less, what does “water” mean to you?
A multi-faceted mystery of shapeshifting properties, compelling depth, and captivating fluidity

Does Kansas City influence your work?
Absolutely - but probably not how people think. We have a lot of work to do on many fronts… but we do have - in my opinion - the single most essential factor to the equation - and that is amazing people. The people here are incredible… and that is fundamentally influential.

What do people know you for?
I wouldn’t say I’m well known… haha.    

Why are you pushing hard to rethink architectural practice?
It’s time… Architecture is in a deleterious state - and it has immense and unrecognized potential… so, in some weird way I have it in my head that I’m fighting for progress and ultimately - greatness… for the profession and the entailed products and people. Simply stated - it can be better - and we all have something we are working towards / fighting for - this is my calling.  

What moves you to put such a big emphasis on relationships?
I’m fascinated by the things I have no chance fully comprehending. The human condition is mind-boggling and I am wildly intrigued by people, behavior, processes, emotions, stories. Relationships (connection and/or understanding) are the lifeblood of humanity and they hold all the elements that remind us we are alive. Relationships are the subject of our most unencumbered strengths and our most glaring flaws. They are the most tangible form of ambiguity and by that I mean I’m not aware of many other examples that are both crystal clear and enigmatic concurrently.  On top of that - sometimes people just need to know they are okay - and I hope to provide that reassurance more so than not.

List three words that describe you.
Driven, Multifarious, Well-intentioned.  

What are the top three places that inspire you?
The woods, the mountains, at the table with my family.  

What drives your creativity?
Curiosity, appetite, passion, peace. Other than that, I took a personality test once and it said that my biggest driving force is the need to be significant. I believe I experience that the most in the creative process.