Emily Bordner, owner and operator of her own local brand company, EB, also works as a coach to other creatives in finance and business. Growing up, Emily always had entrepreneurial pursuits and was constantly scheming ways of turning hobbies into businesses. She earned a master’s degree in business at Rockhurst University and started her accessories business, EB, in 2012. She felt intimidated by the topic of finance at first, but started studying it. Financial education changed her life, and she grew excited to help others find ways to follow and sustain their passions. This led her to coaching other women who owned businesses as a way to give back to a community that helped her grow and thrive. She offers a standing scholarship for businesses on a budget and a variety of other coaching packages.

At our July event, Emily was the first community member to participate in “Audience Takes the Stage” (a short talk given from an audience member).

We chatted with Emily to get to know her better, which you can read below.

What do you typically eat for breakfast?
Green smoothie.

In one sentence or less, what does “intention” mean to you?
To create with purpose and strategy.

Does Kansas City influence your work?
Constantly! Being such a prideful city, I constantly look at what people love about it for inspiration.

What do people know you for?
Leather, jewelry, and sassy glassware.

Why venture into the space of finance coaching?
It is an opportunity for me to share with other women and business owners in the community the knowledge I have learned through growing my business over the past five years. After earning my masters in business, I felt the urge to help people sustain their passion by keeping their businesses alive and the doors open.

What moves you to coach others, even for free?
Most business owners do not have a financial structure or strategy for their business, let alone retirement, and I want to change that. As entrepreneurs, we had the gusto to take a leap to work for ourselves, but most of the time business owners pay themselves last, healthcare is a treat, and our retirement may be non-existent. If we want to work for ourselves for the long-term we need to treat ourselves better. My approach does that, consciously thinking of creative ways to give back to the community. This was a way to give knowledge to others so they can sustain their dream like Kansas has let me sustain mine.

List three words that describe you.
Ambitious, funny, collaborative.

What are the top three places that inspire you?
LA, Japan, 1970s. I love simplicity as a common thread throughout all three.

What may people not know about you?
I love photography and try to incorporate it in my brand as much as possible.

What drives your creativity?
Collaboration, trends, and vacations to Mexico, ha!

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