Tran & Josh Wills discuss the reality of pursuing a career doing what you Love, working with a person you Love and what it takes to surround yourself with people who seek out the same.

About the speaker

Tran Wills is the personification of the term “Self Made”. Shortly after graduating from High School Tran gained hands-on experience pursuing the path of entrepreneurship, starting her own business and never looking back. Over the course of many years running businesses, working with artists, planning events, and building up the creative community in Denver, Tran has acquired a healthy list of accolades and a keen sense for community based marketing and brand building. Tran is currently founder of Base Coat Nail Salon and co-owner of Svper Ordinary, a hybrid retail store and art gallery located in the RiNo Art District of Denver.

Josh spends his days working as a graphic designer, thing-maker™, and creative director at Consume & Create™ a studio he co-founded in 2015. He is also a co-founder of Svper Ordinary, a hybrid art gallery and retail space located in the RiNO art district. Regardless of where he’s working or whom he’s working for, Josh sees design as an expressive language that is used to heighten connections and amplify communication. He’s usually not this serious.

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Happiness is the state of contentment, comfort, and feeling secure. And love is not that. Love is demanding as it is giving, it's messy as it's perfect, it's challenging as it's rewarding you. But you have to open yourself up, you have to give yourself completely, you have to make yourself vulnerable—there's very little comfort or security in that, but when you strike that balance... it's the best thing on earth. — Tran and Josh Wills

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