Partner with Denver

Since every event is free of charge, we look to local sponsors to help provide breakfast, a welcoming venue and additional funds to cover videographers, rentals, and more.

Sponsoring a CreativeMornings event is a great way to reach the local creative community whether you're launching a new product, hiring new design talent, or just interested in supporting your city's chapter.

We currently offer two levels of sponsorship:

$350 - Co-sponsor the event with another organization. This covers about half of our expenses. In gratitude of your support, we will give a big shout-out to the company on stage, over twitter, and through our chapter blog. You’ll also be listed on the main CreativeMorning’s blog, which attracts millions of users a month.

$650 - Sole sponsorship for an event. As the sole sponsor you’ll get the same shout-outs from our chapter (from the stage, twitter, chapter blog, CM website) but you can also have a company representative come on stage and introduce the event. This gives greater exposure and lets you add a personal touch to the sponsorship.

We also appreciate in-kind support whether it's an event space or coffee for our attendees. If interested, contact our chapter for more information on pricing and availability.

To apply to speak at an upcoming event, please fill out our speaker application. Thank you!