Kelly Lewis speaks on the topic of Embracing Reality (and its partner Possibility).

Videography by Chet Strange & Steph Langan -,

About the speaker

Kelly Lewis is the principal of Lewis Leadership Group, a place where leaders uncover their power and joy. Kelly works from a principle that leadership is a way of being, not just something we do. She creates an environment of loving challenge to help individuals and organizations move out of their own way so they can achieve results with greater impact, connection, and enjoyment.

As an Executive Leadership Coach and Growth Consultant, Kelly believes the job of leadership is about two things. Learning to know and learning to grow. Learning to know is becoming masterful in your industry, your business, and your trade. Learning to grow is becoming equally masterful in developing yourself and those around you. This mindset also guided her through fifteen years as a Fortune 500 executive and change leader.

When she is not working (which she loves to do), she is hanging out with her husband, Glenn, the love of her life and their two pups, Jack and Charlie. She practices yoga, travels to places with rich cultures and beautiful landscapes, laughs at herself and with her friends and explores the food scene in RVA, a place she is proud to call her hometown. Kelly is happiest when she is growing and learning new things. She loves to explore human and relationship dynamics, the mind, body, and spirit of leadership, and what makes people smile.

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