A buzzing morning @The Work Project for Joyce Yung // MOMENTS

- Photo by Sarie Moolenburgh

Nickey Khemchandani unleashing his knowledge on us all @ Garage Society, January 2017. Nickey has very generously shared his presentation slides with us - to access, click here.

John Prymmer on the ins and outs of live and studio SOUND back in December @ Eaton House

A cheeky throwback to the last 6 months! We’ve had some amazing times thanks to Arnault Castel (BROKEN), Jason Tobin (LOVE), Barlo (WEIRD), Josephine Lawrence (MAGIC), Claude Touikan (TRANSPARENCY) and Alison Pickett & POLO (FANTASY) for our 2nd Birthday!

REALITY with William Lim - A brilliant morning of architecture & art

Photo credits to Stephanie Teng

Throwing back to last April @ Cocoon with Ellie & Cruzanne Macalister from The Quick Word. An inspiring double act tackling the tough topic of HUMILITY!