“People will be the environment and sun will be us.”

“Usually when someone invites you to make an open lesson we are used to see someone refer to something specific in a very professional way, but for most of the people very boring. Honesty is not always a virtue of grown up people, but sometimes you can find it in simple people. When I was asked to refer for the Climate, which is one of the most important part of me, I thought with myself what should I say! Should I talk about numbers and everything else that each of us with some research can find or interact with the audience? Changing position of us toward nature, climate and facing the reality from the other side is the main issue of this month at CreativeMornings Tirana. Everything will be philosophic and nothing expected. People will be the environment and sun will be us. The only way to understand the damage is to have it in your skin like climate has it since people are not thinking about it anymore. Everything else what will happen in 20’ is a surprise…be part of it.”

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