Stydied Mechanic Engeniering at University of Tirana from 2003-2007. University of Arts in Tirana/ Film and Tv from 2012. Director & Writer of 4 short movies, "Fishing" in 2013, "Anesthesia" in 2013, "Emty" in 2013, "Mixer" in 2014. Director & Writer of 3 short documentaries. "Vjosa the wild river of Europe" in 2014, "Different" in 2014, "GeoDays on Vjosa River" in 2014. Editing director of the short documentary "Funeral" in 2013. As/Director in the feature movie "Simon" in 2014. Producer, co-producter, music, sound, editing and color desing in many movies and video production. Director of music videos and promotionl videos.

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