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Kate Snow is a film-based photography and mixed media collage artist working in Cleveland and the Associate Director of Zygote Press, an artist workshop promoting contemporary fine-art printing. Through advocacy, exhibitions, community programs, and affordable, professional workspace, Zygote stimulates collective exchange for artists in Northeast Ohio. Kate began incorporating print into her work in 2010 and has continued to explore the medium through fine art editions, printing on clay, and creating broadly distributed posters and ephemera. She has taught workshops throughout Cleveland in association with Art House, HeightsArts, and Zygote Press. As an art educator she is an advocate for the practice of print making, which has created community, cultivated cultivated countless collaborations, innovation and exchange of ideas in Cleveland. Currently, she creates a retail line of stationery and home goods under the name Four Fish Ink with her husband. Kate lives with Zygote’s Shop Greyhound, Nina Totenberg.

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We didn't go there because we thought we were going to solve anything, we didn't go to feel good about ourselves. We went to help people amplify their voices, we wanted to acknowledge their lived experience without judgement and we wanted to stand in solidarity and say; "Yeah! You know what, you're right, this isn't fair, this shouldn't be happening and I'm going to be here with you."- that's Empathy. — Kate Snow

Approaching something through art has the advantage of being disarming, it changes the narrative and it can change your perspective. We have this advantage for anyone who works in a creative field or considers themselves creative or has a brain, we have these opportunities to creative approach this. — Kate Snow

But we also need it on a global scale. Connection is needed for a peaceful society. We live in this world with all kinds of religious, ethnic, social differences and in order to bridge that gap we have to start to feel what it feels like to be somebody else, somebody who's completely different from us. — Kate Snow

The safe thing to do would have been to stay sympathetic, to just keep the bumper sticker and a donation and call it a day. But there was no depth to that and this felt to important to stand on the sidelines for. I didn't know what I was going to do but I started to think of ideas. — Kate Snow

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