freelance writer, editor, brander & blogger. clients include mental_floss, harpercollins, skymall, highlights for children, american greetings, cleveland magazine

writing that sells. i combine creative writing with advertising copy, so no matter the project, people will want to read it.

connecting to clients (as a freelancer i am always looking for assignments) & drinking coffee. (i don't actually need help drinking coffee, i just like having someone to do it with).

it never hurts to ask. some of my favorite interviews have been with people i picked up the phone and called.

kevin henkes. he's an incredible writer/artist who totally gets his audience, from pre-readers to adults. there's no cynicism, just crazy talent.

i can make anything rhyme. and i can fly.

greeting-card writer. i did it before going freelance and it was a terrific job surrounded by some of the most creative people i've ever met.

the locker number and combination of every locker i ever had in school.

how to make pasta. it's so easy and makes anyone look like a culinary badass.

i will give you an imaginative gift if you will only please save me from animated gifs.

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