A special, cinematic look inside the science lab, tourist destination, and living art experience Biosphere 2.

While manmade structures and the natural world are often dissonant, in Southern Arizona’s Biosphere 2 they harmonize with a profound beauty, a stunning architectural and engineering achievement while also, in a way, a love letter to our planet, planet Earth… which is the original Biosphere from which the facility gets its name. Though sequels are rarely better than the original, Biosphere 2 isn’t earth’s sequel so much as a science fiction spinoff, providing a glimpse into what it might be like if humankind were to colonize other planets. The theme this month is Biophilia, selected by the Dusseldorf chapter of CreativeMornings. The term was coined to describe humanity’s innate desire and tendency to interact and connect with nature. Today we visit what just might be the most marvelous expression of that, paid for by a private group who you might call the ultimate biophiliacs and designed as an incubator for natural science experiments over the past 30 years. Our speaker is John Adams, a 20 year veteran of Biosphere 2, a passionate researcher and the Deputy Director of the facility, which is now managed by the University of Arizona. He is giving our CreativeMornings community a private tour Inside Biosphere 2.

About the speaker

For two decades, John Adams has helped drive the evolution of Biosphere 2 through positions of progressive responsibility and oversight. Starting in 1995, Adams became Senior Research Specialist at Biosphere 2, leading all terrestrial experiments inside Biosphere 2. Building on his deep knowledge of the facility and its science, Adams became Biosphere 2’s Media Coordinator and Public Spokesperson at Columbia University in 1999. In 2014, Adams advanced to his current leadership role of Biosphere 2 Deputy Director. In part, the promotion marked a return to his roots, engaging as a key member of the team that plans and directs all research and related activities inside Biosphere 2 and the surrounding campus.

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