Host of Creative Community on Old Pueblo, New Economy podcast / Creator of Desert Dwellers Flash Cards / Marketing Director for FreeFall Aerospace

creating your own product through first-hand experience making my Desert Dwellers Flash Cards. From concept, illustration, design, prototyping, working with printers to now selling them online and in retail locations. It's ALOT of work, but I can apply this to help clients and for my own future projects.

writing and budgets. Both are such a chore, but oh so necessary!

is from listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast. I learn something during every episode. I'm learning from his best practices as we grow our new podcast, Old Pueblo, New Economy.

anyone that is following their passion. It can be challenging, but it is so admirable.

connecting people. It's not a secret....but I end up doing it every day without trying. I get alot out of helping others. It fills my cup!

Teaching tennis! I taught starting at the age of 16 until a few years ago- it was always a good side-hustle besides freelance design.

most songs and artists within the first few seconds...wish I could turn that into a money-making endeavor ;)

I like helping people with their resumé and LinkedIn that nerdy?