I’m a writer. I’m also a photographer. But those shorthand descriptions don’t begin to cover what I can do for you. I’m especially drawn to projects that feature people in action. Building and renovating houses. Creating or improving landscapes. Or making and fixing things. Through words and pictures, I enjoy combining the mix of raw physical labor and artistry of humans and machines in motion.

Gardening. Bicycling. Learning foreign languages. Weather monitoring. Pickling and fermenting. I’m pretty adept at kombucha, dill pickles, and sauerkraut. Still getting up to speed with beer and mead.

Improving my Russian speaking skills.

Be good at what you do. And be excellent at business.

My family. I was raised by a very practical schoolteacher mother and a father who was a chemical engineer. A prolific inventor, Dad helped develop the technology for the catalytic converter. I thank Dad's side of the family for my own creativity. Among the paternal relatives are several other photographers and writers, a stained glass artist, a landscape painter, a chef, and a rock drummer whose band toured with Alice in Chains and Fu Manchu. And mom? She taught me about tenacity and resourcefulness. Mom's people weren't much for fanfare. They were more about sticking with the job until it's done.

I flat-out refuse to use social media. Been there, done that, found it way too toxic. So, if you want to follow me, go to my Western Sky Communications website and subscribe to the newsletter. I've been publishing it monthly since 2005, and I guarantee that it is like no other.

Fixing and selling bicycles.

Numerical facts and figures. Want to know how much rain fell in last month's big storm? The answer: 1.5 inches. The original gravity of the mead I just started? 1.085. I could go on, but you get the point.

How to make pickles.

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