Dave Arnold speaks on turning his passion of art into a business.

About the speaker

Dave Arnold is a Montreal-based visual artist that is known for his irreverent perspective and unique Pop-Art aesthetic which combines a modern sensibility with a penchant for nostalgia. Arnold is obsessed with executing the perfect line as he is with augmenting the charm of imperfection. Mr. Sign was launched in late 2009 in response to the widespread appreciation that gallery patrons and art buyers had voiced for Dave Arnold’s uncannily precise paintings, combined with their desire to have Arnold adorn their own businesses with his signature style. As such, Mr. Sign has gone on to provide premium interior and exterior painting services to a range of established retailers and restaurants in the Montreal area. Combining his love of all things antiquated with the pre-existing visual characteristics of his clients’ brands, Arnold has been able to provide commercial spaces with unique hand painted signage and other artistic details that enrich environments, captivate consumers and drive business.

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