Hello! I’m Andrea, the host of one of the newest CreativeMornings chapters.

If you haven’t heard of or visited Victoria, BC, Canada before, above is a picture I shot of our beautiful little City this past Fall. We have a regional population of just under 400,000 people and are literally surrounded by water at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. 

Now that our chapter has been officially approved, my volunteer team and I will be making our ideas a reality and bringing the community together in Victoria.

A bit about me

I have a few key roles in our community. #1 as an arts administrator for our local municipal government. In this role, I get to do cultural programming for our city and region. #2 I’m a professional photographer, and have run a freelance business for nearly four years. I hold a Bachelor of Design from the Alberta University of Art + Design, I’ve also studied Art History at the University of British Columbia. And I’m currently dreaming about what I’m going to study next! 

Fun Fact About Me: I love to laugh and try to have fun with whomever I’m working with. I think people are their most attractive when they’re laughing. 

A bit about the team

Every CreativeMornings event is free and run by a team of volunteers.

My right-hand teammate is Jennifer Nichols, who works as the community outreach coordinator for the Capital Regional District Arts & Culture. She also has a background as a graphic designer. 

Fun Fact about her: Jen owns three accordions and a small tabletop printing press. Cool! 

We have a few other teammates that are ready to onboard shortly. We’ll make sure to introduce them more formally soon! 

My vision for CreativeMornings/Victoria

I have been privileged in my day job as an arts administrator to know a lot of different people working in the creative sector in Victoria. We have a thriving community of creative people in this City. Whether designers, visual artists, theatre professionals or musicians… They have all consistently said the same thing in the past few years; that they want to convene with one another more often. 

My vision for this chapter is to first off meet that request by providing our creative community with a consistent way of gathering together. 

Over the long term, I hope that Victoria will become more known and understood from a national and global vantage point. We are a beautiful region filled with many talented people. There are lots of reasons to come here, to collaborate here, and to plant roots here. 

How to participate

Want to be the first to know about our first event? Sign up for the CreativeMornings/VIC newsletter. If you’re interested in partnering or volunteering, please email victoria@creativemornings.com. Stay tuned for details and I hope to give you a high five at our launch event!