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Anna & Azra bretter opp ermene

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September 13, 8:30am • HK Reklamebyrå • part of a series on Muse

Riktig godt nytt år og hei til SURREAL. Månedens tema er valgt av CreativeMornings/Brussels, illustrert av Charlotte Dumortier, og presenteres i samarbeid med

Surrealismen var en kunstform inspirert av det ubevisste. Retningen hevdet at de sanneste forutsetninger for å skape kunst lå i underbevisste og instinktive opplevelser.

Det vestlige teater har sin opprinnelse i Athen, men de første kjente dramatiske framføringer begynte i nordlige Afrika for så mye som 5000 år siden.
Hva er det med historiefortelling og drømmenes verden som har fascinert oss siden tidenes morgen? Kan vi lære noe av å bryte fri fra det rasjonelle sinnets sjakler?

Månedens gjest, Trøndelag Teaters nye teatersjef Elisabeth Egseth Hansen, kan kanskje gi oss noen svar på akkurat det.

Fredag 25. januar kl 08.30-10.00 Røst Teaterbistro

Billettene slippes som vanlig kl 08.00 mandagen før, 21. januar! 

Endelig er november her, og vi er stolte av å presentere vårt nye format: En samtaleserie med og for den kreative bransjen i Trondheim. Siste fredag i måneden inviterer vi en aktuell gjest til en prat om månedens globale tema. Vertskap denne måneden er EGGS Design Trondheim, og programledere er Cathrine Vik og Pia Biermann.

Månedens tema RESTART, presenteres i samarbeid med Adobe. Første gjest er en som virkelig vet hva det vil si å restarte livet og karrieren sin, Stian Ward Bugten. Etter en 8 års turné fra Trondheim til New York, New York til Zurich, har Stian nå kommet tilbake til Trondheim som kreativ leder og partner i ANTITrondheim.

Arrangementet er gratis, og billettene slippes mandag 26. november:

Hvis du vil ha varsel når billettene slippes, kan du legge til mailadressen din her. Vi sender kun ut to mail pr måned, én når vi slipper billettene og én med recap etter eventet:

Foto: Gerhardsen & Karlsen

August’s theme is COMMUNITY! 

A community is a reflection of what we crave: belonging.

Belonging is the heart of human connection. Our hardwiring is to be social creatures, to need one another. We cannot become our best selves without feeling like we belong to a tribe that sees us, respects us, and lifts us up.

A sense of belonging can be fostered in many ways: food, music, volunteering, a cause. You can scan a room and see a diversity of backgrounds, ages, and skill sets—yet the common thread is shared desires and aspirations. It’s magnificently profound how simple this connection is, how deeply we all crave it, and how it changes the trajectory of our lives.

The work of community is when a person walks into a room with fear and self-doubt, only to leave with a new narrative and a feeling of possibility and hope.

We can give that experience to one another. It’s the work of being human.

This month’s global exploration of Community was chosen by our Philadelphia chapter and illustrated by James Olstein.

This month we are giving back to our Trondheim Community. Stay tuned! 

Thank you to our global partners MailChimp, Adobe, and for their ongoing support of the CreativeMornings community.

Creatives of Trondheim #002 - Bendik Kristiansen

We love our community and we love highlighting individuals doing awesome things! Creatives of Trondheim is our series of random questions* that dig a little deeper into the minds of people working in the creative industry in Trondheim.

Next up is Bendik Kristiansen – Trondheim based graphic designer and student. You can follow him on Instagram: @kristiansendesign and view his portfolio here.

What is your favorite virtue?

I would say justice. Whoever knows me would probably answer the same thing about me, since justice and equality is something I really care about and work for.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

For me, this has a lot to do with procrastination. One thing I do way too often is watching YouTube videos. While I’ve got plenty of design related videos queued in my Watch Later list, I still use so much time watching so-called gaming videos. I don’t play games, I just watch others do.

What phrase do you find yourself repeating all too often?

“Absolutely”. Phrases come and go with me, but recently “absolutely” has been the one I’ve used too much.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Happiness is a choice is a saying that YouTuber Shay Carl Butler used to say to his viewers. He said that whenever something bad happens to you, and you react with a bad attitude, you will be more irritable the rest of the day. But if you choose to react with a positive attitude, you’ll probably have a better day. The thought of that has helped me a lot in situations where you’re not in control. To be conscious about your happiness, and actively remind yourself that it is your choice to react in one way or another, really makes life easier.

What is your current state of mind?

At this very moment, I would describe my state of mind as anxious or restless. Since I’ve just finished my bachelor’s degree in graphic design, I don’t really know what the fall will bring. Am I working, studying, freelancing? Where am I going to live? I’ve got so many questions about the near future, but it’s really hard to predict how it’s going to turn out.

Who or what inspires you?

Change. Something that really gets my attention and inspires me is when I see something I’ve never seen before. I love designers that try to do something different.  

How do you stay grounded? 

To listen to a podcast while on the slow buses in Trondheim works for me. Currently, I live 20 minutes from Midtbyen, and the bus is the only place where it’s easy for me to take a break from life. If not, a shower is like meditation for me.

Who are your favorite designers?

That’s such a tough question. I feel really inspired by David Carson, Barbara Kruger, and Paula Scher, to name a few designers. Still, at this very moment, I would have to say Sagmeister & Walsh. They really give a spark to the design world, and I find Stefan very interesting. His conceptual approach to design inspires me a lot.  

Biggest pet peeve?

When people don’t put down the toilet lid before flushing.

What do you find magical?

Colors. I find colors magical because you can tell so much to a person by just using colors. It’s like music, which I also find very magical.

How would you define June’s global theme Craft?

It’s such a broad field, but one that truly inspires me with his crafts is Adam Savage. He’s really creative, and have worked on so many cool projects. I want to bring him up because he’s not just working with one craft, but he’s working on so many different crafts; prop design, costume design, woodworking, redesign, and so on. I see craft as something you do with your hands, and that often requires a skill. Savage knows his crafts.

*Our random questions is inspired by The Proust Questionnaire – a questionnaire about one’s personality. Its name and modern popularity as a form of interview is owed to the responses given by the French writer Marcel Proust.

Photo by Gerhardsen & Karlsen

TRD explores Craft: Klipp og Lim & Heim Bicycles

There are three aspects to human creativity: art, science and crafts. Art relies upon vision and expression, science upon knowledge and crafts upon sophisticated technique. And we have some highly skilled craftsmen with us this time, Svein Erik Okstad and Jøran Wærdahl from Klipp og Lim, and Sander Kommedahl from Heim Bicycles.

June’s theme is #CMcraft! It was selected by the CreativeMornings/Mumbai chapter, illustrated by Hemali Vadalia, and presented by Adobe. Join us and 180+ CreativeMornings cities in talking about Craft this month, Friday 22nd of June at DIGS and Habitat, 08.00-09.30.Coffee served by our local sponsor Jacobsen & Svart 08.00-08.30. Welcome!Register for a free ticket here:

June’s theme is Craft

A craft is the instrument in which the authenticity of your being is communicated. Your craft is like a portal to your inner world, and as an artist, it’s your duty to pull it out of the vortex. Craft is a catalyst for our identity and the soil for cultivating meaning. It behooves us to realize that who we are and become—our values, beliefs, thoughts, observations—influence what comes out of the violin, sketch, or photograph, not the other way around. This month’s global exploration of Craft was chosen by our Mumbai chapter, illustrated by Hemali Vadalia, and presented by Adobe

Thank you to @Adobe for supporting #CMcraft this month and keeping the CreativeMornings community connected! Hugs and high fives from Trondheim!

MEET: The May speakers on Commitment

A commitment is a promise to show up whether you’re having a good or bad day. It’s a behavior and mindset that signifies the posture of a professional. It’s about saying yes with your whole heart.

A creative life is built on the commitments you make to projects and people. It can feel like a leap of faith. But is that not the very essence of leading a creative life?This are the awesome people you will be hearing from this Friday.
Tickets are now up for grabs. Go get one! 

This time, we’re ready for 3x10 minutes speakers, and a joined Q&A afterwords:

Tony Jacobsen has turned his passion for coffee into a successfull business here in Trondheim, Jacobsen og Svart – an artisan brewery and coffee shop located at Solsiden.

Val Gaitan will speak about a project she did for a small community in Guatemala, and her commitment to empower people by design.

Anna & Azra bretter opp ermene is a culture podcast produced in Trondheim, by Anna Lian – a former scenographer and journalist, now working as a copywriter at Bennett, and Azra Halilovic – scenic artist and minority consultant at Trondheim kommune.

Welcome to CreativeMornings Trondheim’s event TRD Explores Commitment, Friday 25th at 08.00-09.30 am, at Digs and Habitat. More information and registration:


We love our community and we love highlighting individuals doing awesome things! CREATIVES OF TRONDHEIM is our brand new series of questions that dig a little deeper into the minds of people working in the creative industry in Trondheim.

Every month, we find unique creatives and bombard them with random* questions. You might be next!

First up is Frank Trana - a highly skilled and renowned professional that runs his own designstudio, Natiwe, here in Trondheim. Frank has been working in the creative industry for nearly 20 years, and has clients like Iwmac, Trønderenergi, Onkel Henrys, Blåfrost on his list. Frank has won several awards, recently a silver in European Design Awards. You can learn more about Frank and his work on his website and follow him on Facebook.

What is your favorite virtue?

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
The movie Pearl Harbour in all its massive glorifying clichés

What phrase do you find yourself repeating all too often?
“It has to be real, genuine, different"

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Trust your guts - take a stand. Never give up.

Who or what inspires you?

Weird surroundings. Devil is in the details. In 2015, after almost 5 years of preperation and development i convinced photographer Ole A. Ekker, to travel with me to the scene of the world’s worst nuclear accident to form the basis for the art exebition: pixelthis <This is then and that was now > The artwork presents a visual proximity to the time of the accident and the lost moments. The idea is to mirror the photographs through a graphic technological view from that moment “when time stopped.” The graphics, with its theoretical retrospect, forms a parallel between documentary and technology.

How do you stay grounded?
Making a PowerPoint presentation

Who are your favorite writers?
Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Jens Bjørneboe, Carl Frode Tiller, Charles Bukowski, Yuval Noah Harari etc.

Biggest pet peeve?

What has been your biggest challenge building your business?
Accounting. Even though I pay someone to do it for me, it’s a big, fat yawn.

What do you find magical?
I’m a straight up realist, so nothing really.

How would you define *Commitment*?
Work hard to reach your goals. As mentioned above, keep going and never give up. Ever.

Interview by Cathrine Vik, Host & Founder of CreativeMornings Trondheim
Photos by Torleif Kvinnesland, Official Photographer, CreativeMornings Trondheim

*Our random questions are inspired by the so called Proust Questionnaire – a questionnaire about one’s personality. It has its origins in a parlor game popularized the French essayist and novelist Marcel Proust, who believed that in answering these questions, an individual reveals his or her true nature. 

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