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May 29, 8:30am • Your Home or Office | Zoom • part of a series on Nature


“What can nature teach us about living with strength, vulnerability, and grace during these challenging times?”

May’s theme is #CMnature. It was picked by our Salt Lake City chapter, illustrated by David Habben (, and is presented by WordPress.

April is PURPOSE

“When in doubt, take the steps you need to follow the path of your own joy. This path is your purpose.”April is #CMpurpose. This month’s theme was chosen by the Indianapolis chapter and illustrated by Jason Ratliff.

March is IDENTITY 

“The most unique care and love you can give to your creative identity is to craft it with your own hands.”

It was chosen by our Jakarta chapter and illustrated by Nadya Noor.

“I have always been a champion for creative arts as a solution”

For #cminvest Sheffield’s creatives are in the eaves of Jaywing’s city centre office. But Deborah Bullivant AKA Grimm & Co is used to somewhere a little more magical…in the centre of Rotherham.An apothecary to the magical, Grimm & Co’s shelves are stacked with traditional and unconventional remedies, curses, hexes, tonics, potions, cures, spells and elixirs. It’s a magical shop for magical beings, but humans are allowed in too.“The most important thing is we take fun seriously. We’ve never strayed from that”As well as being the place to pick up ‘Luck of The Irish’, ‘Condensed Enthusiasm’ and ‘Extract of Genius’ Grimm & Co is a place where children can unleash their imaginations. The apothecary doubles up as a place for literacy, where children can learn and be creative.“Writing is a really good tool for resilience. We do it in lots of unusual ways”In Rotheram, children’s literacy levels are 5% lower than the national average and 28% of adults struggle with literacy . Through Grimm & Co, Deborah wanted to give children a place to be playful and create an environment where children could have the courage to try without fear of being wrong.“In the hidden writing room you’re in the middle of the story.”By immersing themselves in the magical world of Grimm & Co, children are taken away from their everyday chaos. In a place for magical beings, their imaginations are provoked and they can learn in an authentic, creative way.“The emphasis is on teachers but its important that community and parents and everything around them gives children the things they need to learn.”As well as the shop, Grimm & Co’s mobile classroom brings the magic of the apothecary to school halls. In five years, almost 10,000 children have visited the shop or been visited at school.With the impact of Deborah and her team (including previous CM Sheffield speakers Side by Side!) being felt across the town, Grimm & Co doesn’t need a magical praise potion.“In the three hour visit I saw faces light up as children went from disengaged writers to published authors of a collaborative text. It’s an amazing experience that EVERY child should have.” – Laura Atkinson at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary SchoolWords by Molly McGreevy.

February is INVEST.“Convert your doubts into positive currency and bet on yourself.”Our Hong Kong chapter chose this month’s exploration of Invest and Bao Ho illustrated the theme.

Kweku Sackey AKA K.O.G

“Everybody’s crazy. Sometimes that thing is what unlocks the dream.”

Kweku Sackey AKA K.O.G grew up in Ghana and loved music from a young age. From what began in church – “you can’t join a band in Ghana” – is now an internationally renowned career spanning music, art, and songwriting.“Where I come from inspires everything. All those stories matter. As soon as you accept you and what makes you different, that is when things happen.”“I had all these ideas. I had something in me I wanted the world to see. I realised i was doing things to please other people but when i came to the UK I found people who understood me.”“People heard me sing and said I should be doing it, so I left my job at the old people’s home and started performing. It was like a weight I couldn’t ignore. That thing you are scared of — that is the thing that unlocks the dream.”Kweku’s band K.O.G blends traditional African rhythms and storytelling with operative vocals, hard-hitting patios, live brass and percussion. The band has toured the UK, releasing its first album in 2019.Kweku plays the Balafon, Djembe, Kpanlogo, shekere. He collaborates and writes with many international artists including Wiyaala, a female Ghanaian pop star with a growing audience in the UK. In 2018 he won the prestigious Young Commonwealth Performer of the Year and performed for Nelson Mandela’s family in Melbourne Australia.“Surround yourself with people that inspire you. Find friends who when you tell them ideas they get excited.”Kweku’s mission is to bring the music, storytelling and culture of West Africa to all that he creates, effortlessly blending these rhythms and styles with hip hop, jazz, soul and funk. He has taught vocal and percussion workshops in schools, community centres and at festivals. He has collaborated with the Dr Afua Twum-Danso Imoh at the University of Sheffield for the Festival of the Mind, Sept 2018, to create a live performance to tell the story of colonial childhoods in Ghana.Live performances are where Kweku particularly excels – in both vocal delivery and in energy and style. Shows at Glastonbury, Shambala, Kendal Calling in the UK and across Europe are testimony to the infectious musical vibe that is created every time he takes the stage.“Base success on your peace of mind.”Words by Molly McGreevy.