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September 28, 8:30am • Yorkshire Art Space •

Magid Magid, also known as Magid Mah, is a British-Somali activist and politician who has served as the Lord Mayor of Sheffield since May 2018. His appointment has attracted significant media attention, as he is the first Somali, the youngest-ever, and the first Green Party councillor to hold the role.

Born in northern Somalia, Magid came as a child refugee to Britain in 1994. He grew up in Burngreave, Sheffield, and studied aquatic zoology at the University of Hull where he was elected president of Hull University Union. He has worked in digital marketing and was elected as a Green Party councillor on Sheffield City Council in 2016. From 2017 to 2018, he served as Deputy Lord Mayor, and in during this period he participated in the third series of the reality show Hunted. In 2018, he was chosen by the council to serve the one-year term as Lord Mayor.

We will be gathering at our head sponsor for 2018 Sheffield Institute of Arts – in the beautiful main Post office hall. See you there for this season’s final edition before our August break.

If you look closely, you can see the intention behind the action, a project, or a sassy tweet. Intention is palpable. A hand-written thank you resonates in our hearts more strongly than an email. One person standing for something pales in comparison to a community fighting for something. Beautiful work is not on accident. Beauty grows from the seed of a clear intention. How do we get better at setting clear intentions?The same way we improve at anything: with practice, self-awareness, feedback from friends, and learning how to show up more wholeheartedly.This month’s global exploration of Intention was chosen by our Nashville chapter, and illustrated by Nik Daum. Thank you to MailChimp, Adobe, and for supporting our global creative community. ❤️

“There’s something in our hearts that makes us want to get away from computers and make stuff”

For #CMCraft, Dave and Ol AKA Side By Side have brought along a little something for Shefield’s creatives to play with. Made with their own hands, without computers.
People are invited to have a go on a mini-golf course, that spells the world PLAY. The venue for CreativeMornings Sheffield in June is Kelham Island Museum, a place which Sheffield’s industrial past, Inside, instead of pouring their tea from the urn, people could create their own tea bag, using one of Birdhouse Tea Company’s blends, kindly provided on the morning. For breakfast it was pastries, still warm from 200 Degrees’ bakery. Craft ran through the morning – from the venue to the breakfast to the speakers.
Speakers for the morning are Oliver Booth and Dave Greasley, lifelong friends who grew up together, studied apart, and came back together to start design agency Side By Side. Brought together by a shared desire to just start doing things, Side By Side did exactly that.
“If you do good shit, more good shit will come.”
The good shit began small, with a cluttered studio that soon grew into a workshop next door, then came jobs for Sainsbury’s, and a project with Sheffield City Region. Then something entirely otherworldly…
“Graham Grimm is a thrifty old chap who has the ability to see magical beings, and opened up a shop to sell stuff magical beings need.”
Grimm and Co is a charity based in Rotherham which works to improve the literacy skills of children. Not just a charity, Grimm and Co is also a shop, which exclusively sells the essentials for magical beings. Though humans are welcome to purchase too, of course.
Side By Side were tasked with creating the Grimm and Co world. From black market meat sellers behind tiny doors to secret doors concealed in bookcase to a slide disguised as Jack’s beanstalk. Side By Side helped to create a world to ignite imaginations and help kids fall in love with reading and writing. They used creativity and craft, rather than computers and programmes, and made something to help the town for years to come.
“You have created something profoundly astonishing in the heart of our broken town.” – Year 5 teacher.
Grimm and Co is still open for business, and still helping kids, with profits made from the shop helping to fund the charity’s work.
Side By Side continue to craft, making exclusive notepads for CreativeMornings Sheffield. They do remind people of one lesson they have learnt on their journey…don’t let smoke bombs off indoors. 
Words by Molly McGreevy 

Side by Side is a design studio specialising in identity and bespoke typography. They create exciting brands for forward-thinking companies. They like to blur the boundaries between work & play, we’ve found that’s where the most exciting things happen.

They will talk through how they use craft in their projects, and how it was heavily involved in the super project Grimm & Co, a Magical Apothecary in Rotherham.

‘We loved Jeremy’s story, and so decided to write it on every wall in the ‘Imagination Room’. This room is the first area humans enter, once they travel through the secret door on their way to the writing center. It took 3 of us 3 full days and approximately 40 Posca pens to complete - but well worth the effort.’

They will also bring the PLAY golf course for people to play on!

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June is CRAFTA craft is the instrument in which the authenticity of your being is communicated. Your craft is like a portal to your inner world, and as an artist, it’s your duty to pull it out of the vortex. Craft is a catalyst for our identity and the soil for cultivating meaning. It behooves us to realize that who we are and become—our values, beliefs, thoughts, observations—influence what comes out of the violin, sketch, or photograph, not the other way around. This month’s global exploration of Craft was chosen by our Mumbai chapter, illustrated by Hemali Vadalia, and presented by Adobe. Oliver and David AKA. Side by Side.

‘I suppose it’s Barbara from Scarborough that we need to thank' says Claire Thornley AKA. Our Favourite Places as she starts her talk on CreativeMornings’ May theme, #CMCommitment.

Claire met Barbara when staying in the seaside town for a holiday. The B&B owner gave Claire and husband Glenn a scrap of paper, detailing her recommendations for things to do in Scarborough. The couple spent the weekend working through Barbara’s list, discovering the very best of Scarborough, according to a local. The words on top of that list?
Our Favourite Places‘We’ve really committed to Our Favourite Places and it’s paid off…at least I think, we haven’t really measured it. It’s just great to have something where you can be your own client.’
Our Favourite Places is a product of Eleven Design, the design studio run by Claire and husband Glenn. It was Eleven’s commitment to Our Favourite Places, that led Claire to the Ecclesall Woods to speak on #CMCommitmment.
The venue for May’s CreativeMornings Sheffield is the JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre. Nestled in Sheffield’s leafy suburbs, the centre is set within 142 hectares of ancient woodland and surrounded by a friendly community of craftspeople, rangers and volunteers. A beautiful, peaceful place for CreativeMornings Sheffield to call home for the morning.
‘We spent time, money and resources on something we didn’t know anyone would be interested in. We made a guidebook.’
Claire and Glenn’s frustrations that the city wasn’t shouting about the fantastic things happening within its seven hills, first inspired Our Favourite Places, Sheffield’s culture guide.
One guidebook became four, an Our Favourite Places guide to typography in Sheffield was listed as one of the best in Britain by The Guardian, then came website, and an event, the now annual Sheffield Photo Marathon.
Alongside working with some of the region’s largest institutions and artists, having a baby boy, and helping to promote the city with the Sheffield Culture Consortium, Eleven remained committed to Our Favourite Places. Most recently a new website launched, and more exciting announcements are to come in 2018.
‘Now we’re kind of some unofficial tourist board for the city with Our Favourite Places.’
Words by Molly McGreevy 

May’s theme is COMMITMENT
A commitment is a promise to show up whether you’re having a good or bad day.It’s a behavior and mindset that signifies the posture of a professional. It’s about saying yes with your whole heart.A creative life is built on the commitments you make to projects and people. It can feel like a leap of faith. But is that not the very essence of leading a creative life?This month’s global exploration of Commitment was chosen by our Vienna chapter and illustrated by Florine Glück. Thank you to our global partners MailChimp, Adobe, and for their ongoing support of the CreativeMornings community.
CM Commitment with Claire Thornley AKA. Our Favourite Places.