Hello, I am Joe! Now Living in Sheffield. I was born and raised in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and have always wanted to reside in God’s Own Country! Since I was a young boy I have always had a passion for photography; You could say it is in my blood. My grandfather was a photographer and printer in the Second World War and my family are now up to a 3rd generation of printers within a terrace house off the High Street in Knaresborough. As well as photography, I am passionate about all things creative including music and art. I spend most of my spare time travelling across the UK to see various bands and exhibitions.

Photography and useful/useless facts

networking and coming out of my shell

Do you remember where you last had your keys?

My mum. Always been there supporting me.

Dog spotting.


My next door neighbours 7 dogs names

How to take a nice photo

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