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Annie Wong

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January 25, 8:30am • 7th West • part of a series on Surreal

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So excited to bring you all to @chapter510’s Department of Make Believe next week to hear from @jeffharryplays on creative GENIUS! Set your alarm to grab a ticket, Monday at 11am. ⏰Registration link is in our bio!
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🌟 Our event this month in #Oakland will be on August 25th — save the date & see you soon! 🌟⠀

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Dreaming of ceramic-making from Friday’s #creativemornings! s/o to @merrittceramics for capturing our out-of-this-world #CMOak host Trish! 🚀💓 — view on Instagram

“As we move into the 4️⃣th industrial age, how can we use AI to create equity? Join me in making sure we are all equal in the 👁eyes👁of the machine.” - Laura Montoya
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Goooooood morning Oakland! Excited for our first talk at the gorgeous and #artsy (is #artsy still a word?) Kapor Center!
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Hello, hello, hello #Oakland, you look beautiful this morning! Much like this month’s chalkboard illustration by the wonderful @ma_mariru. 😻💖✨⠀

Are you ready for #CMEquality? Don’t forget to #BYOM (bring your own mug) and we’ll see you soon!⠀

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It shouldn’t even have to be said. But, with the present state of affairs, we want to remind you that #CreativeMornings is open to EVERYONE. We believe in the power of community, and we bring together folks such as yourselves, driven by passion and purpose, confident you’ll inspire each other and inspire change around the world.⠀
Everyone is welcome. We’ll see you tomorrow.
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Join us in celebrating our 3 year anniversary in collaboration with Oakland Museum of California during Black History Month! Oakland-born artist Sadie Barnette and her father, former Black Panther Rodney Barnette speak on the theme, Moments. Sadie Barnette has used the 500-page FBI surveillance file kept on her father as source material for a series of art works currently on view in OMCA’s All Power To The People: Black Panthers at 50 exhibition.

This Artist Turned Her Father’s 500-Page FBI File into Art
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