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Naima Shalhoub

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August 24, 8:30am • Studio To Be • part of a series on Community

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Goooooood morning Oakland! Excited for our first talk at the gorgeous and #artsy (is #artsy still a word?) Kapor Center!
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Hello, hello, hello #Oakland, you look beautiful this morning! Much like this month’s chalkboard illustration by the wonderful @ma_mariru. 😻💖✨⠀

Are you ready for #CMEquality? Don’t forget to #BYOM (bring your own mug) and we’ll see you soon!⠀

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It shouldn’t even have to be said. But, with the present state of affairs, we want to remind you that #CreativeMornings is open to EVERYONE. We believe in the power of community, and we bring together folks such as yourselves, driven by passion and purpose, confident you’ll inspire each other and inspire change around the world.⠀
Everyone is welcome. We’ll see you tomorrow.
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🍵 Three cheers to our friends at Guayaki Yerba Mate for fueling us this Friday morning at #CMEquality! #HellaEarly #HellaYerbaMate 🍵 #cmoak #cometolife — view on Instagram

⏰ Did you set your alarm?☕ Did you prep your coffee? Registration starts tomorrow at 11:00 AM sharp for #CMEquality 7/28! ✨ Grab your ticket then join us Friday at the Kapor Center to hear from Laura Montoya! — view on Instagram

Join us in celebrating our 3 year anniversary in collaboration with Oakland Museum of California during Black History Month! Oakland-born artist Sadie Barnette and her father, former Black Panther Rodney Barnette speak on the theme, Moments. Sadie Barnette has used the 500-page FBI surveillance file kept on her father as source material for a series of art works currently on view in OMCA’s All Power To The People: Black Panthers at 50 exhibition.

This Artist Turned Her Father’s 500-Page FBI File into Art
Read article by Antwaun Sargent on Artsy

Six years ago, when everything in Zakiya Harris’ life seemed to have turned upside down, “shape-shift” became her mantra. Read the East Bay Express article Zakiya Harris, Professional Shape-Shifter.

We’re excited to kick off 2017 by having Zakiya as our first speaker. The talk will be at Pandora 7th floor backstage and we’re looking forward to see you all this Friday!

Our guest this month—Courtney Martin—is an author, entrepreneur, and weekly columnist. In her latest book, The New Better Off, she examines the role of community and fun against the tide of debt, status, and MORE stuff.

We’re excited to have her take the floor this Friday morning at Pandora’s Backstage (16th floor) to hear her take on the global CreativeMornings theme “Fantasy”.

As always there will be free coffee, breakfast, hugs, and high-fives on demand for our morning people. Spread the word Oakland family, and we’ll see you soon.

Jennifer Pahlka helps improve how government works

Pahlka is founder and executive director of the nonprofit Code for America, which brings in mid-career tech workers willing to work for a year in cities looking for outside help.

The help comes at a price, but it’s not money. Instead, the cities have to open themselves to new ways of operating. They have to be willing to replace the ever-so-detailed rules and requirements of traditional government with the agility, innovation and feedback of the tech world.

Photo: Peter DaSilva, Special To The Chronicle

Read article on SF Chronicle

May-Li Khoe

Design Lead, Khan Academy

May-Li Khoe leads product design at KA, and thrives in helping designers grow and do work they’re proud of. She also experiments with playful new interactions to empower learners. She joined the team after a long stint at Apple, where she invented new things for humans to poke at in watches, iPads, iPhones and Macs. She enjoys DJing, dancing, dancing while DJing, and blurring the line between art and computer science.