It’s #TBT so we’re sharing a gem from our archives. In our #CMWonder talk, drag queen @mamacelestefanclub challenged us to open our minds, stay curious, and explore what could be. You can find the link to this talk (and all our archives) in our bio. #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #mamaceleste #oaklash #drag #dragperformance #bayareadrag — view on Instagram

While our usual morning ritual of running out for a latte is on hold, the baristas and business owners who run our favorite coffee shops are feeling the financial strain. If you have a little (or a lot of) spare change, consider adding some to the virtual tip jar for our friends and sponsors at @moderncoffee or buying a gift card to use in the future. Head to the link in our bio and click on “Resources for our community.” Every little bit can help our local small businesses cover their costs until they resume regular operations. #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #moderncoffee #coffee #oakland #oaklandsmallbiz #virtualtipjar #latteart — view on Instagram

Looking for ways to support our community without leaving the house? Longtime friend and sponsor of CreativeMornings Oakland @teaswithmeaning has an online store that’s open for business. Head to the link in our bio and click on the link “Resources for our community” or just do a Google search for Teas With Meaning to find the website. We could all use a relaxing cup right about now! #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #community #communitea #oakland #oaklandsmallbiz #supportoakland #teaswithmeaning #tea — view on Instagram

Remember the lovely Ari Takata-Vasquez of @shopviscera from our #CMinvest event? As Executive Director of @keepitoakland18 (Oakland Indie Alliance), she’s asking us to help small Oakland businesses that are being impacted by COVID-19 shutdowns and looking to shift their business online. Do you have a talent or trade you’re willing to share, either at a reduced rate or pro bono to help them out? Ari created a Google doc to help connect businesses with service providers who can help them. Head to the link in our bio to find the doc and connect with business owners who need you. This is a great way to help out our local community, even while most of us are sheltering in place and trying to reduce social contact. #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #oakland #oaklandsmallbiz #oaklandbusiness #covid_19 #shelterinplace #helpeachother #lookforthehelpers — view on Instagram

This month, our theme is #cmidentity, but this announcement is a little different from usual. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to postpone our in-person meetup. We couldn’t with clear conscience create a space that might encourage the spread of COVID-19. But we’re still here for our community—we’ve put together a list of resources in case you’re looking for ways to help the most vulnerable members of our population. And if you’re craving connection, we’re organizing a virtual coffee date so you can still meet a new friend. Head to the link in our bio for both the resources and the coffee date signup. We’ll continue to keep you posted as we plan for future events. #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #virtualcoffee — view on Instagram

We’re having a birthday party next Monday 3/2 and you’re invited! (Head to the link in our bio to RSVP). But this post isn’t about us, it’s about our awesome hosts, @makeworkspace. This is a membership community (located 1.5 blocks from Fruitvale BART) for the people and companies that are bringing new tangible products and innovations into the world. ⠀

They’ve built the space with everything needed to design, prototype, fabricate, and bring ideas to market: thoughtfully designed workspaces, industrial-scale machinery and equipment, robust business support services, and an engaged ecosystem. ⠀

And they’re offering some sweet deals to members of the CreativeMornings community.⠀
1) Get a 5-day free flex-desk pass! Simply sign up for their newsletter when you attend our party next week. ⠀
2) Get 15% off your membership fees. Just tell them you’re a part of the CreativeMornings community when you take a tour. Easy peasy! ⠀

#makeworkspace #makeworkspaceoakland #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #productdesign #oakland #fruitvale #coworking #coworkingoakland — view on Instagram

This Friday, we’ll be starting off the day in the Argentine way, with coffee and alfajores! A big GRACIAS to our food sponsors @woodentablecafe. 📸 by #woodentablecafe #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #alfajores #argentina #cafecito #latinfood #keepitoakland #oaklandmade — view on Instagram

Tickets are now live for this Friday’s CreativeMornings talk! Head to the link in our bio to grab yours. You’re invited to invest in yourself and your community by attending our #CMinvest event. There will be coffee, breakfast, and time to connect with other attendees before entrepreneur and artist Ari Takata-Vasquez shares her thoughts on this month’s theme. We can’t wait to see you there. #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #oakland #investinoakland — view on Instagram

A big thank you to our friends at @portworkspaces who will be hosting our #CMinvest event with Ari Takata-Vasquez. If you’re looking for a fun and friendly coworking space, you should definitely check them out! And if you’re looking for coffee, breakfast, and an inspiring talk, come join us there on Friday, 2/28! More details coming soon. #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #coworking #coworkingspace #coworkingspaceoakland #portworkspaces — view on Instagram

We’re thrilled to announce the speaker for our 2/28 #CMinvest event. Ari Takata-Vasquez is the founder of @shopviscera and a multi-talented person who bridges the worlds of city planning, art, and business through her design and consulting business, Viscera Studio. Ari’s studio helps startups and growing businesses to overcome the challenges of limited access to resources and capital by generating scrappy and creative solutions. To this end, Ari also serves as a board member for the Oakland Indie Alliance, a nonprofit organization that helps local, independent businesses thrive in Oakland. Head over to the link in our bio to learn more about Ari. Photo by Miles Bianchi Photography. #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #investinoakland #shopviscera #viscerastudio — view on Instagram