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Naima Shalhoub

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August 24, 8:30am • Studio To Be • part of a series on Community

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We are artists that choose to side with artists for the responsibility of art, society and to restore balance between gallery and creative. We set our role to declare we stand guard on behalf of artists. We are thee whom live for art.”

January 30th, 8:30a @ Flight Deck.

Responsible for many eye-catching murals throughout Oakland, showcasing new forms of interpreting art in public, it is a breath of fresh air to meet the guys behind them. Lequivive has partnered with a number of renowned artists in the world by the name of IROT Che, Cannon Dill, Yellena James, and Zio Ziegler, to name a few.

Come see Sorell Raino-Tsui speak for artists, for Lequivive, and for Oakland! Talking on the theme UGLY.

December 10th, we invite Anna Acquistapace, to speak on the theme EDUCATION. Anna will tell us all about becoming involved in the Music industry, design strategy, and her experience as co-founder of Zoo Labs, an Oakland-based organization helping music teams build stronger businesses by applying their creativity not only to their art, but also to their strategy.

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This Friday, Nov. 21st, we bring Lisa Schiffmanthe founder of, the digital lifestyle brand for food adventurers. Recently she took a chance and left her position as Director of Experience [LUNA and CLIF Kid brands] at CLIF Bar. CLIF brands, paradigm-breakers in the energy-bar world, have long represented active, outdoor-focused lives that feed adventure.

Lots of surprises to come for this event!

Look at all the fun had at our Halloween special #CMOAK!! Catch Joco at our latest talk riffing about his days of comedy, creating relationships, being friends with Dave Chappelle, and working in Creative for the Golden State Warriors.

This Friday Sept. 26th @ 8:30a, we bring you a local Bay Area artist Brett Cook to represent the theme COLOR.

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Brett Cook is an artist and educator who uses his creative practice to transform outer and inner worlds of being. For over two decades, Cook has produced installations, exhibitions, curricula, and events widely across the United States, and internationally. His museum work features drawing, painting, photography, and elaborate installations that make intimately personal experiences universally accessible. His public projects typically involve community workshops and collaborative art, along with music, performance, and food to create a more fluid boundary between art making, daily life, and healing.

This Friday, August 29th, we have a very special guest at Pandora HQ. Esther Pearl will be taking the daunting feat of speaking on the theme FAILURE. 

Esther Pearl is the founder and Executive Director of Camp Reel Stories. She received her Bachelor’s in Visual Arts from U.C.S.D and her M.B.A. in Sustainable Management from The Presidio Graduate School. She has spent 15 years working in Production Management in the Entertainment Industry. The majority of her career was spent at Pixar Animation Studios where her feature film credits include Academy Award winning films The Incredibles and Wall-e, as well as Monsters, Inc. Her other credits include; Titanic, Starship Troopers, Armageddon and What Dreams May Come.

She was also a founding board member and the former President of the Board of Bay Area Girls Rock Camp (BAGRC).

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On July 17th, we invite Tajai Massey to speak at Impact HUB Oakland.

Known by the stage name, Tajai, is an American hip-hop artist and producer. He is one of the four founding members of Oakland-based underground hip hop group Souls of Mischief, and a part of the eight-person group Hieroglyphics.

Tajai is an experienced CEO to a legendary underground hip hop label that has stood the test of time. Most importantly and why we chose him at CreativeMornings Oakland: He’s pro-Oakland. We like that.

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Favianna takes us on a tour of political history through art and culture, and how to take action in our communities. We are given insight into cultural shifts and the effects of changing the narratives as a starting point to changing policies.

Wow! So powerful!