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Aileen Suzara

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May 31, 8:30am • 7th West • part of a series on Preserve

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🎺 Introducing this month’s speaker for #CMCraft: BEATRICE URSULA! 🛠️⚒️
Beatrice Ursula is a visual artist and creative consultant based in Northern California. “I am an artist to the extent that I happen to be one — like how a seed sprouts because of rain, or how branches sway because of the wind. I have a flow-seeking energy and this defines how I go about different forms of art; from my abstract linework paintings and drawings to my reflective writings, to how I dance with a moment captured on camera.” This month’s talk is proudly presented by @VSCO! See you there on 6.29. — view on Instagram

“A craft is the instrument in which the authenticity of your being is communicated.“
June’s theme is #CMcraft! It was selected by @Mumbai_CM, illustrated by Hemali Vadalia (@hemalivadalia), and presented by @Adobe.
Save the date for Friday June 29, 8:30 at @VSCO HQ! — view on Instagram

So excited one of our #CMVolunteers @k80con40 met up with the organizers of @creativemorningshk! .
✈️ Got travel plans this summer? #CreativeMornings is in 180+ cities worldwide, get out there and meet your creative community!

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We grabbed lunch with Katie from @oakland_cm (who’s in town for and got some great insight on one of the most vibrant @creativemorning chapters in the world. DO check them out if you find yourself in Oakland!

Check out some of their surprises in HK so far.. It’s SO humid. BUT the convenience with public transport is awesome.
People watching on the MTR especially as the train is open through all carriages. I’ve never seen a train where you can see all the people from the first to last car!
#creativemornings #cmaroundtheworld #community #discoverhongkong — view on Instagram

We love our #livescribe & #CMVolunteer @andymadsen_!! Check out his sketch notes from #CMCommitment with @ksawyerrose here ❤️
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Such a blast to play Live Scribe today for @ksawyerrose and feature her work with art installations - art that tells a story of the gaps in equity between men and women in the workforce, both paid and unpaid.
My takeaways:
HOME LIFE - make sure @_dancepants knows and sees that I’m ready to do my part, and then some!
SOCIETY - Let’s help each other carry the load, and be willing to close the gap so that the hard working women in our lives have the same opportunities and rewards as men!
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📷: @oakland_cm — view on Instagram