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La liberté, c’est un tas de choses. Et quand on a 90 minutes pour essayer de le faire “vivre” à 300 personnes, c’est beaucoup de sueur, un peu de glam and glitter, et une vingtaine de personnes qui se tuent à y mettre un peu d’authenticité. Gratuit. Tôt. Café ou pas. “Come as you are”, chantait l’autre. Merci, Sabrina Dumais. Reviens un autre coup, tu vas voir.


Freedom can be a lot of different things. Perhaps we could write nothing for lack of a definition. Or give examples. Freedom in style, freedom in language, freedom of speech, freedom of press. Go, travel. Or don’t. An event like Creative Mornings/ Montreal does not pretend to be anything but an opportunity to rally creatives in the morning. To be “inspired”, in 20-minute increments. It’s really hard. And at some point, not totally under our control. Some of us make things, others write, others consult and speak and dance and sing. From Childhood, to Sex, to Rebel, to Freedom-as-a-topic, we’ve covered a lot of stuff this year already. People come, people go. We hope to see you again, Sabrina.


Les gars de Portraits de/of Montréal étaient parmi nous vendredi dernier prendre le pouls de la communauté Creative Mornings/ Montreal sur le thème de la #LIBERTÉ. Ils ont fait quelques belles découvertes… et nous aussi!


For the second month in a row, the talented photographers of Portraits of Montréal pointed their lens at the member of our community and collected their thoughts on #FREEDOM. The result is, as always, impressive!


The latest Creative Mornings/Montreal talk by Emily Southwood is now available, a 20-minute exploration of how sex and creativity interrelate. “Sex and literature are subjective. So too, is sex in literature”. Watch it now!

La vidéo de la conférence d’Emily Southwood est maintenant disponible sur la plateforme (en anglais) : une exploration de 20 minutes du rapport entre sexualité et créativité. Bon visionnement!

On fête déjà notre première année d’existence. Hourra! Pour l’occasion, on aimerait recueillir vos commentaires, témoignages et anecdotes les plus mémorables sur #MTLCM. 

En quelques mots, que représente #MTLCM pour vous? Dites nous ici:


We are already celebrating our first year of existence. Hurray! To highlight this milestone, we’d like to get your feedback, thoughts and most memorable anecdotes on #MTLCM. 

In a few words, what does #MTLCM represent for you? Tell us here:


We are happy to announce that Daniel Baylis' The Traveler made it to CreativeMornings’ Global Book List this month. He sits nicely between Nelson Mandela, George Orwell and Harper Lee. Congratulations Daniel!


Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer que le livre de Daniel Baylis, “The Traveler”, a été sélectionné pour figurer sur la liste de lecture de Creative Mornings, tout juste entre Mandela, Orwell et Harper Lee. Tout va bien. On se retrouve chez Busbud le 30 mai à 8h00 pour une 13e édition ‪#‎MTLCM‬ !


We are happy to announce that this month’s speaker under the theme FREEDOM will be Daniel Baylis, documentist and founder of Sparks Publishing. A free-spirited writer and adventurer, Daniel has authored and published “The Traveller: Notes from an Imperfect Journey Around the World”.

Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer que notre conférencier de mai sous la thématique LIBERTÉ sera Daniel Baylis, documentateur (!) et fondateur de Sparks Publishing. Un esprit libre, écrivain et aventurier, Daniel est l’auteur et l’éditeur de “The Traveller: Notes from an Imperfect Journey Around the World”.


A 10 step program to master the art of sex

By Jonathan Mongeau

Photo: The Jakarta Post's review of Rica O. Darmawan's latest work at the Jakarta Arts Institute. 

For professional reasons I have been studying The Art of War by Sun Tzu. 

No, I do not plan on conquering or annexing any foreign territory. Although with Montreal’s fluctuating weather these past few weeks of “Spring”, the Spanish coast is looking real nice. Seriously though, I’ve been reading the classic 2nd-century BCE philosophical treatise to learn more about the timeless lessons of management and strategy. Most interestingly, however, during my studies I stumbled upon something that most scholars don’t know; Sun Tzu wrote another treatise.

Originally translated in the late 1770s by a French Jesuit, this treatise is focused on a topic that is as widespread and prevalent throughout the history of mankind as war: sex. The scholarly translation of the ancient text was based off this beautifully crafted bamboo book discovered in the Yinque Mountains in Shandong, China which dates from roughly the same time period as his well-known military collection, The Art of War.

What scholars have loosely translated as The Art of Sex, this ancient treatise on the topic of love-making is divided into ten chapters; ironically, all with similar titles to The Art of War. Their summaries are as follows. 

Calculations and Estimations explores the four fundamental emotions required for a successful sexual campaign: attractionseductionwillingness and horniness. By reflecting upon and truly understanding these emotions, the greatest of lovers can effectively calculate their chances of sexual victory. Any deviation from these key factors will certainly increase the odds of failure. 

Preparations for Sex explains that all lovers must be prepared to manage and organize the proper supplies required for their sexual campaign. Scholars have indicated that traditional supplies such as food, wine, and candles can prove effective in most campaigns. Similarly, modern supplies such as condoms and musical devices such as the Jambox can also increase campaign success. The enlightened lover will use an diverse mix of all these supplies to increase their odds of sexual victory.

Positive Planning discusses that force is never to be applied in a sexual campaign and that any hint of negative intentions can only lead to mutual disappointment. The wise lover knows that it is futile to strive for a forced sexual engagement. The awkwardness, tension and negative energy to stem from such ill-behaviour is bound to lead to an ineffective campaign and will prove that the lover has not prepared adequately.

Tactical Positions describes the most popular sexual positions that all experienced lovers have mastered. The ancient diagrams demonstrating other popular tactical positions inThe Art of Sex can be found here. To loosely paraphrase an excerpt from scripture: “In ancient days, lovers made themselves unbeatable through constant practice”.

Energy explains the use of maintaining and building up the proper momentum throughout all steps and undertakings of the campaign. Consequently, the reasoning, timing and execution of seasoned lovers are perfect. In short, every lover is in control of their own destiny.

Weak Points and Maneuvering highlight the need for great lovers to adapt. The planning of any campaign can change in any given moment. Being fluid to opportunities, wise lovers are quite aware of their limitations and address these immediately by always planning ahead and being properly, if not overly, equipped with all the necessary supplies. Most importantly, clever lovers never repeat their successful maneuvers in similar fashion; this ensures repeated success.

The Virtue of Changing Positions explains that all wise lovers know when it is right moment during a campaign to change Tactical Positions. Specifically, great lovers understand which of these said positions are best when used in a specific combination. They are attuned and responsive to the countless signals that may be evoked by their lover and, thus, are always ready to maintain control of any situation.

Control and Manipulation of Territory describes the common areas where most sexual campaigns occur. Some territories have advantages while others prove otherwise. There is an overview of all forms of territory such as higher groundplaces of ambivalencesteep ground and territory that is managed from afar. To quote an excerpt, “It is foolish to know the land and not the sexual partner well. The reverse is also true. One without the other is incomplete”.

Weapons of Fire explains the general use of certain devices or tools which may prove useful in various environments and under certain circumstances. Traditional scholars liken these to be an auxiliary set of supplies only used to compliment the campaign and the existing set of supplies set out in Preparations. For instance, lubrication (lube), vibrators and other sex toys qualify as supplementary “weapons of fire”. 

The Use of Spies focuses on the importance of building a solid foundation of information sources before and whilst on campaign. Depending on the available time to plan the campaign, the intelligent lover will gather information from all corners of the realm. In preparing for most campaigns, wise lovers acquire useful knowledge from numerous social sources such as friends and the target lover’s entourage as well as digital sources such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Information is power and can prove effective in increasing the odds of a victorious campaign.

By now, I hope you have realized that (sadly) there is no actual ancient scripture authored by Sun Tzu entitled The Art of Sex. But it’s cool, no worries. If you really are in search of guidance and practical advice about sexual behaviour feel free to check out legendary Hindu text that everyone has heard of, the Kama Sutra

In the spirit of creativity and sex, I figured it’d be a fun exercise to compare and explore the numerous components of sex through the lens of a philosophical battle. And while staying true to the actual titles and principles outlined in The Art of War, I came to realize that if, followed correctly, the ten steps outlined above may just lead you to sexual victory. 

But let’s be frank. The thought, preparation and organization outlined above isn’t always applicable. As the lyrical and literary genius of our modern times, Jimmy Pop, so eloquently put it in the late 1990s, sometimes we just wanna do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.