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Le 12 novembre dernier, nos amis chez Digital DUMBO ont tenu leur premier événement à Montréal. Cofondateur Andrew Zarick ainsi que VP Stratège & Partenaire Emily Cavalier ont uni leurs forces avec l’Alliance numérique et la Chambre de Commerce du Montréal Métropolitain pour partager leurs expériences en créant une communauté forte autour des entreprises en numérique à Brooklyn. Découvrez un billet complet sur ​​l’événement par Rebecca West, notre Gestionnaire de contenu & communauté - ici.

Last Tuesday November 12th, our friends at Digital DUMBO held their first ever event in Montreal. Co-Founder Andrew Zarick and VP Strategy & Partner Emily Cavalier joined forces with Alliance Numérique and the Chambre de Commerce du Montreal Metropolitain to bring their tech community savvy north of the border. Check out a full post about the event by our Content & Community Manager Rebecca West here.

Don’t be afraid

One of our regular Creative Mornings Montreal attendees, Charlotte Marchesseault, recently launched the Don’t Be afraid initiative, following the ruthless beating and stabbing of her friend, Scott Jones, on the basis that he was gay. She proudly wore her button at our last event. An act of BRAVERY, which happens to be the CreativeMornings global theme for November. Go and like her page! We have invited Charlotte to participate in our next event on November 29th with Jeff Lee, look out for her wearing a “Don’t be afraid” button. 

Photo: Colleen Fraser in Halifax Nova Scotia proudly shared her message with the Don’t be afraid community: “To be afraid of our differences is to shut our eyes and hearts to all the beauty of the world”.

Une de nos participantes assidues, Charlotte Marchesseault, a récemment lancé la page « Don’t Be Afraid», où elle diffuse des photos pour venir en appui à l’affirmation de l’égalité LGBT suite à l’attaque subie par son ami Scott Jones sur la base de son orientation sexuelle. Voilà un geste de BRAVOURE, en phase avec le thème de novembre. Allez aimer sa page! Nous avons invité Charlotte à participer à notre prochain événement le 29 novembre avec Jeff Leevous la trouverez porter un macaron « Don’t be afraid ». 

Photo : Colleen Fraser à Halifax a fièrement partagé ce message avec la communauté « Don’t be afraid » : « Avoir peur de nos différences, c’est fermer nos yeux et notre coeur a toute la beauté du monde ».

5 questions about bravery with Jeff Lee // 5 questions à propos du courage avec Jeff Lee

Leading up to our talk with Jeff Lee on November 29th, we asked him a few questions to get a sense of what bravery and creativity mean to him.

En prévision de la conférence de Jeff Lee le 29 novembre, nous l’avons posé quelques questions pour voir ce qu’il pense du courage et de la créativité.

What is your first memory of bravery?

My first step into bravery was when I was 16 or 17. I wanted to produce a television show that would better represent my generation’s lifestyle. I wanted to produce a show for us, by us. So I simply picked up the phone and called my local TV station. They said “Sure come back in a month with a pilot”. I agreed. Then I hung up the phone a turned to my dad and said: “Dad, what’s a pilot?”. One month later I got the contract and ended up producing more than a 100 episodes for that network, until I got picked by a national station. 

How would you define the relationship between bravery and creativity? 

You have to find the courage to do the things that you believe in, even if sometimes you have to be different. Some people deal really badly with criticism. That’s why they prefer to play it safe and just be repetitive or basic. Bravery is about putting yourself out there and standing out.

An instance where you believe a brand acted more cowardly than brave?  

Recent events where Urban Outfitters copied an individual artist’s work and that of other makers is a shame. They could have at least licensed the design idea to the original artist and then produced a cheaper version with royalties going to the artist. This is the kind of power and responsibility that you have when you are a big brand.

What do you think is the number one roadblock to bravery?

The fear of being a failure. Most of people don’t seem to realize that nobody really cares about your projects. Nobody is keeping score. Of course we love to see people failing because in reassures us in our status quo. It’s the fear of swinging that stops you from hitting a home run. 

Do you have a favourite work of art that has inspired you by its bravery?

This famous quote from Martin Luther King Jr: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take that first step”. Of course he was not talking about business, he was talking about faith. But Bravery is really about finding genuine reasons to fight for something, or to build something or to start something. Every project I ever undertook was guided by a certain faith in my destiny and the sense of purpose it brought me. 

Photo: Jeff Lee on a recent trip to New York.  


Our theme for October was PLAY, which was interpreted in many ways across our sixty chapters. In Montréal, musician-DJ-producer-creator Ghislain Poirier shared insights into his own creative process, the nature of play and the sometimes tense relation between creation and industry, which he solves with the equation FUN and RESPECT.

Watch the talk and check out photos from the event here.