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Karen Ward

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June 28, 8:00am • Aire Commune • part of a series on Wonder

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August’s Global Theme is “Urbanism”

Last month, 55 CreativeMornings chapters came together for a global conversation around the topic of “Space.” This August, we’re excited to announce our next theme: “Urbanism.” The theme was chosen by our Stockholm organizer Richard Feigin and skilled Stockholm-based illustrator Marcus Gunnar Pettersson created our monthly illustration.

Speakers are delving into all aspects of urbanism and how we interact with our built environment: such as George and Sarah Aye of Greater Good Studio, who use design to solve social problems (Chicago), to Adam Gebrián, well-known “architect who never built anything” (Prague). From collecting a city’s stories to building collaborative ecosystems, talks from this month will make you think hard about the city you inhabit and the role you play.

To find an August event near you, check out, or follow your local chapter on Twitter. As always, tickets are free and available starting the Monday before the talk.

We’ll see you there!

(Traduction bientôt)

In honour of our theme this month:

"Star photography seems like a daunting task, but trust me it’s much easier than you think. When I first picked up a camera and decided to capture some shots of the night sky I could barely see a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, a few months and a few hundred shots later that light is shining bright and I’m here to share with you the information and experiences I gained along the way."

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