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To kick start the day, our morning people are treated to a brain tingling icebreaker question set by Sellma! 🤭Then rewarded with the ultimate, delicious breakfast and coffee supplied by @naimpaddington and @the.monday.coffee 🥰
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Our last morning of 2019 was pretty special! We were lucky enough to host the wonderful @sellmasoul (also known as Ethan Watson) in the incredible venue @theoutpostbar 🤩 It was a perfect match! Sellma spoke to our morning people about the journey of being lost, in life, in a park and sometimes in your head!
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Annnnd… we’re back! A big giant 2020 “Hello!” to you beautiful CreativeMornings BNE folks! 👋

Our next morning event is Friday the 31st, and we’re so pleased that we will be back at @theoutpostbar. Please allow us to introduce our January speaker, Sally Steele @steelemystyle. Author of @daremorecareless , speaker, strategist, creative director and style consultant, not to mention thoughtful human and inspiring person.
For her full speaker bio and more details on the event, click the link in our bio.
We are so looking forward to this morning, and seeing all of you again to kick off our year! (at The Outpost Bar)

January’s Theme is Roots

A tree is made up of not only its colorful leaves, but also its bark, branches, and most of all — its roots. The roots exist to provide sustenance and a strong foundation for the rest of its body.

Examine your own roots. When you retrace them, what do you find?

In his CreativeMornings talk, James Victore shares, “The things that made you weird as a kid make you great today. But only if you put it in your work.” Identify the things that ground you and what you’ve carried with you over time. How have your roots shaped who you are today?

The start of a brand-new decade gives you the perfect excuse to dig up the old and to nourish the elements that sustain you. Courageous, creative work begins below the ground.

The Québec chapter chose this month’s exploration of Roots and Félix Girard illustrated the theme.

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Tomorrow, tomorrow. We’re gonna love ya, tomorrow!! Who’s ready for some @sellmasoul love?

See you at @theoutpostbar. Don’t forget your reusable coffee cups for some free coffee from @the.monday.coffee and breaky from @naimpaddington

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Happy Humpday morning people! Can you believe it’s only 2 more days until our November talk by the fabulous @sellmasoul on #cmlost

There are still tickets available so tag your friends and let them know all about the event. It’s definitely one not to be missed!

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Let us introduce you to this week’s speaker for #cmlost - @sellmasoul.

Sellma Soul (also known as Ethan Watson) is Brisbane’s most eccentric drag queen.
Recently bursting onto national television, Sellma has introduced herself as the queen of the big bald, beautiful and weird. In 2011 she interned with Harvest Rain (now Hayward Studios) where she first got a taste for musical theatre she slowly slipped down that glorious, dirty and accepting slope of cabaret where she discovered all things alternative.
Mentored by Brisbane’s iconic Alison Saint Ledger, Sellma was taken under Alison’s wing for many years where she showed Sellma the importance of being honest on stage.

Tickets now available! Link in bio.

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Our events are sprinkled with the magic of our coffee and breakfast sponsors, The Monday and Naim restaurant! The brekky bites and delicious coffee at each event are such a great example of both sponsors and their approach in their respective businesses. Thank you so much to Alex and Tyler from The Monday, and Vince from Naim for continuing to support our chapter! #cmbrisbane #themondaycoffee #naimrestaurant #creativemornings #cmprserve #museumofbrisbane