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To Be Honest with Sandi Kafrouni

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October 19, 7:30am • The Third Quarter • part of a series on Honesty

If you ask Sandra Kafrouni what she does for a living, she’ll tell you the honest truth - every day she’s attempting to do the work of the soul, living true to her values and her heart. Sandra is an artist who teaches painting and works at The School of Life, founded in London in 2008 by renowned writer and psychologist Alain de Botton. Since graduating with a Law and Journalism degree from QUT in Brisbane, Sandra has worked as a Solicitor, tutor/guest lecturer, public speaker, and for BBC Children’s TV in Manchester, UK.A few years ago when work began affecting her health, Sandra had to reassess her path, away from the ‘shoulds’ and expectations, and toward healing and truth, where she finds herself today. Our place of gathering this month is The Third Quarter Gallery, Brisbane’s newest contemporary Art space, opened by a CreativeMornings/Brisbane alumni Emily Devers.Register at 11.00am on Monday 15th to attend. 

Last week’s event was organized #cmchaos at it’s finest. Thank you to Welly of Flip Creative for sharing your story and thank you to the audience for sharing the fun. : Jade Stephens #cmbne

🤝 “Honesty is the currency for connection.”
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October’s theme is HONESTY. It was chosen by @CM_Cardiff and illustrated by @james_llewis. This month we’re celebrating 10 years of @creativemorning! Explore #CMhonesty with us and 188 other cities.

Jimmy Patch NAILS his live graphic recording (as per usual). Porn, party popper and paychecks — Just your usual Friday morning with Andrew Welstead of Flip Creative. #cmbne #cmchaos

For the past 12 years, Andrew ‘Welly’ Welstead has been the Director of We Are Flip, a Brisbane creative agency, specialising in digital marvels. He spends his work time guiding and being guided by, the creatives and developers in my team. He spends his home time taking photos and trotting mountainous trails.
Although that may all sound harmonious, Welly experiences his fair share of chaos and will be speaking to our morning people next week on this very topic. Register on Monday 24th at 11.00am for our event on Friday 28th at 7.30 - 9.00am. #cmbne #cmchaos


Meet our speaker for August, Sarah Hamilton!

Sarah is the Operations Manager of Ditto Music Australia and has been working in digital distribution in Australia since 2008, with a short stint in New York City. She loves working with independent artists and seeing them gain access to the same opportunities as artists signed to major labels.

Sarah loves watching the industry change and grow, and helping artists navigate the changing digital space. Sarah also runs a side-project called One of One with Joanna Cameron, a website that highlights women in the music industry and hosts annual events for International Women’s Day. She’s in town for BIGSOUND and we’ve snatched her up to speak on the theme of Community at Range Brewing next Friday 31st.

Register on Monday 27th at 11.00am at

Our August event is just around the corner and we’re excited to share that the legends at Range Brewing in Newstead will be our venue partner for the theme of Community on Friday 31st. Stay tuned for more event details. #cmcommunity

AUGUST THEME ANNOUNCEMENT: CommunityA community is a reflection of what we crave: belonging.Belonging is the heart of human connection. Our hardwiring is to be social creatures, to need one another. We cannot become our best selves without feeling like we belong to a tribe that sees us, respects us, and lifts us up.A sense of belonging can be fostered in many ways: food, music, volunteering, a cause. You can scan a room and see a diversity of backgrounds, ages, and skill sets—yet the common thread is shared desires and aspirations. It’s magnificently profound how simple this connection is, how deeply we all crave it, and how it changes the trajectory of our lives.The work of community is when a person walks into a room with fear and self-doubt, only to leave with a new narrative and a feeling of possibility and hope. We can give that experience to one another. It’s the work of being human. This month’s global exploration of Community was chosen by our Philadelphia chapter and illustrated by James Olstein. #cmbne #cmcommunity