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Our last CreativeMornings theme of 2018 is #CMtradition ❤ It was chosen by CreativeMornings/Barranquilla and illustrated by Andrés M. Felfle 

Dr. James Fielding is our guest speaker for the theme of #cmrestart this month. Doctor and CEO of @Audeara — Headphones tailored to your individual hearing. Register on Monday Nov 26th at 11.00am.

As a medical doctor with a passion for music, Dr James Fielding, the CEO of Audeara, studied business management and biomedical science at the University of Queensland (UQ), working in financial research analysis and public relations in the USA, before starting his medical degree at UQ.James was based at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital before leaving full-time clinical medicine to focus on making the Audeara dream a reality – the world’s first audio-perfecting headphones with a built-in hearing test. As a professional drummer, his love of music stoked his passion for improving the field of audiology, and his role as CEO of Audeara allows him to utilise his unique skill set to its full potential. 

Hear James speak on the theme of Restart this month on Friday November 30th at The Lushington. Register on Monday 26th at 11.00am for your FREE ticket. #cmrestart

November is #CMrestart 🔋 It was chosen by @Cologne_CM, illustrated by Marie Maerz, and is being presented globally by @Adobe. “Restarting is essential. It’s a way to digest experiences, reflect and cultivate self-awareness, and remind ourselves that life is to be enjoyed.”

To be honest… We at CreativeMornings are particularly proud of the space that our speakers create and our attendees allow for REAL FEELS to be shared. The creative industry has enough ego for all of us, so why not be vulnerable one morning a month? This month Sandi Kafrouni of The School of Life Australia asked us questions like “What would you tell your teenage self?” and “What are you too scared to admit to yourself or others?” The Third Quarter hosted this conversation in their beautiful new gallery space while Coffee Supreme AU and Kiss the Berry The Açaí Specialists kept us fed and caffeinated.
Thank you too all who came, drank, ate, listened and shared. Save the date for November 30.

Moments captured by Callie Marshall #cmbne

What would you say to your teenage self? @jimmydrawsstuff and his incredible live graphic recording of Sandi Kafrouni’s talk on #cmhonesty is taking us back to all the feels @the.third.quarter last week 🔮#cmbne

If you ask Sandra Kafrouni what she does for a living, she’ll tell you the honest truth - every day she’s attempting to do the work of the soul, living true to her values and her heart. Sandra is an artist who teaches painting and works at The School of Life, founded in London in 2008 by renowned writer and psychologist Alain de Botton. Since graduating with a Law and Journalism degree from QUT in Brisbane, Sandra has worked as a Solicitor, tutor/guest lecturer, public speaker, and for BBC Children’s TV in Manchester, UK.A few years ago when work began affecting her health, Sandra had to reassess her path, away from the ‘shoulds’ and expectations, and toward healing and truth, where she finds herself today. Our place of gathering this month is The Third Quarter Gallery, Brisbane’s newest contemporary Art space, opened by a CreativeMornings/Brisbane alumni Emily Devers.Register at 11.00am on Monday 15th to attend. 

Last week’s event was organized #cmchaos at it’s finest. Thank you to Welly of Flip Creative for sharing your story and thank you to the audience for sharing the fun. : Jade Stephens #cmbne

🤝 “Honesty is the currency for connection.”
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October’s theme is HONESTY. It was chosen by @CM_Cardiff and illustrated by @james_llewis. This month we’re celebrating 10 years of @creativemorning! Explore #CMhonesty with us and 188 other cities.