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Spectator Jonze is the moniker of the artist within Deena Lynch. Jonze was born in Yokohama, Japan to a Taiwanese mother and Australian father. She migrated to Australia under interesting and less than certain circumstances when she was 6 years old.

She grew in many different homes and situations – not quite an orphan, not quite belonging anywhere. This put her in touch with a myriad of people and demons coming from disjointed backgrounds themselves or from a position of power. Being in contact with emotional, physical and sexual abuse pushed her into the safety of PTSD where suppression, depression and dissociation became a survival tactic. Having always carried a creative mind, it was only natural for Jonze to use art and music as an outlet of expression. 2017 was the year she finally came to an age and understanding to tackle her mental health, quirks and trauma. Art became a medium she utilised as a cathartic vessel to uncover the secrets she had even hidden from herself.

Money can be as simple as you make it. Watch Chelsea Murphy, Founder and Financial Advisor at Cash. speak to our audience on the theme of #cmsurreal and how and why money seems so surreal to us sometimes! With finances always making an appearance on the ol’ new years resolutions list, we were amped to get some money advice at our very first event of 2019. Video by Sean Smith @srsvideo 

“When in chaos, create your symmetry.” 🌗 Our theme for February is #CMsymmetry presented by @mailchimp. This month’s exploration of Symmetry was chosen by @stpetersburg_CM and illustrated by Anna Fadeeva. creativemornings.com/themes/symmetry

Speaker Announcement!Chelsea Murphy is a co-founder of Cash. – A financial advisory firm focused on cash flow management and financial education. Cash. are passionate about the simple financial strategies that can make a big difference so more people can love their money. It’s about experiences over material possessions. Spending time with friends and family. Travel. Following a passion. Having the freedom to enjoy life.

Collectively, they have over 20 years experience in the finance industry and they have pioneered fee for service business models and values based financial planning. Cash. is all about financial education with passion and purpose. It’s real, practical solutions, delivered in an approachable and relevant way which change people’s lives because when people love their money, great things happen. 

A little hint as to who our first speaker for 2019 will be! Announced tomorrow. #cmsurreal

Happy new year, community! Our first CreativeMornings theme of 2019 is #CMsurreal presented by WordPress.com. It was chosen by CreativeMornings/Brussels and illustrated by Charlotte Dumortier (cargocollective.com/charlottedumortier). “We recognize a sense of the surreal in unexpected moments in daily life.”https://creativemornings.com/themes/surreal

2018 that’s a wrap! Here’s to honoring tradition but living untraditional creative lives. Moments captured by Savannah van der Niet #cmbne #cmtradition

Join us for the very last CreativeMornings/Brisbane of 2018! Traditions are sacred because they cultivate consistency and a sense of belonging. It’s the bread and butter for fostering connection and community. This month speaking on the theme of #cmtradition is Frankie Ratford of The Design Kids.

TDK (The Design Kids) is a global online resource and local offline communities around the world, for thousands of student and graduate graphic designers. They aim to educate, inspire and connect students to the design industry. TDK Director, Frankie has just completed her epic 6-year tour, sharing the TDK model with students from cities all around the globe through monthly #tdktuesday meetups.

Frankie’s name has been photoshopped into ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’ more than once. She’s fascinated with the intersection between design, travel, and business, and likes to do five things at the same time. She’s lived in 13 cities, in 25+ houses and is currently road tripping around the world for six years, right now in Asia and South America building the TDK empire (lols). She started The Design Kids in 2009 and launched with a market stall in the front yard with some mates and a DJ. In 2018, she launched a Design Studio Coaching arm to her company. She is a sunny Sagittarius who splits her time between her [60’s shack in rural Tasmania] and catching planes to far away (warmer) places.

Our place of meeting this month is The Refinery — A beautifully renovated warehouse space in Newstead. Register for this event on Monday, December 10 at 11.00am. #cmtradition