Fighting is almost as old as man himself. The need for self-defense naturally arises as humanity is faced with threat. It’s not only about kicks and punches, though. As an adept at Pencak Silat, Frengki Yudis Prasetyo will tell us how martial arts can be more than just a means of survival.

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Semuanya tentang, jiwa, raga, pikiran serta kesehatan dan relasi ke alam semesta - if you need to ask a question about having an active lifestyle, Frengki’s your man. Frengki Yudis Prasetyo who has received the LPDP Scholarship Award (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan) is currently pursuing his Master of Sport Education postgraduate degree at the University Of Education Bandung. He is also a semi-professional athlete for the Indonesian martial arts, Pencak Silat and a humble volunteer at Kelas Inspirasi Bandung (KIBDG).

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