Sampurasun, Bandung (Greetings)! BDG adalah kota ke-144 dari rangkaian CM di seluruh dunia: https://creativemornings.com/blog/new-organizers-in-bandung-columbus-wellington-annency

Following from the JKT chapter, we’ve landed in the creative city of ‘DESIGN’, awarded by UNESCO Creative Cities Network to continue the movement of our local creatives and presenting them in our global stage. Meeting you on a Friday morning, once a month, with coffee from the artisanal coffeeshop Bandung proudly boasts Melbourne can be jealous of, there’s no reason why not to wake up early for a CM/BDG.

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BE OUR PARTNER/ JADILAH MITRA KAMI! bandung@creativemornings.com


Screen shot 2016 09 30 at 1.51.04 pm Satryo Prawindra Paparazzi Ninja @msprawindra
146333 Aushaf Widisto Assistant Ninja
1457495952353 Albertus Wisnu Assistant Ninja @albertuswisnu
Cm avatar 2 Demira Shaifa Assistant Ninja
David tjahyadi tjia 3g David Tjahyadi Designer Ninja
Img 20160908 wa0001 Rice Tee Former Ninja Host @asiaRaisa