Vince Kadlubek

September 28, 8:30am - 10:00am MDT. Hosted at The Curtis Hotel

part of a series on Chaos

About the speaker

Vince Kadlubek is a Co-founder and the CEO of Meow Wolf, an art collective that has transformed into a remarkable, award winning Arts Production Company. After leading Meow Wolf to win the inaugural startup competition from Creative Startups, Kadlubek created the business plan for Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return and led the team towards its completion. Since opening, Kadlubek has continued being the force of vision for the company, thinking about radical ways to subvert current business paradigms while building integral systems that have been tried and true. Vince is most interested in co-creating alternative realities and bringing unique, indescribable, transformative immersive art experiences to the world.

Additional details

From their roots as a loosely organized open artist collective and studio, Meow Wolf has always embraced the creative power of not planning too much and letting a work take it’s own shape. Come to hear Meow Wolf artist, author, and CEO Vince Kadlubek talk about the role chaos has played and how his thoughts about it have changed as Meow Wolf has evolved to the global phenomenon it is today.