Gregory is an abstract artist and a collaborative printmaker. He holds both a BFA and MA in Printmaking and also attended the Tamarind Institute for Lithography. Currently, Gregory is the Director of Printmaking at Art Gym Denver and the Co-Chair of the Month of Printmaking (Mo'Print). His studio practice is split between the Capitol Hill and Park Hill neighborhoods.

Donut shops in Denver.

Building a network of awesome, stellar, bad ass, top-notch artists and creatives here in Denver. And someone to teach me archery.

"Get back to work." - one of my former bosses.

Morning people. How do you get motivated and energized so damned early? I can't figure it out.

I like to bake biscuits at 7am.

Forget the concept of a backup career. Always move forward.


5 minutes? Nothing. But give me 5 hours and I'll teach you how to screen print.

Gregory hasn't saved anything yet.