Adrian is a Mexican-born branding nerd, copywriter, amateur racecar driver and professional popcorn maker daylighting in the marketing industry.

Cars, cigars, podcasts, and business. I'm also very nerdy about brand management.

Getting my foot into the marketing/media world.

"If you're going to do something, do it wholeheartedly."

Anyone who has children and refrains from submitting everyone they meet to looking at their pictures. Also, my parents are absolute rockstars for uprooting and moving to a new country in their mid-20's for the benefit of their kids.

Being comfortable during chaos.

Professional popcorn maker.

Mostly trivial things like movie quotes and types of fonts brands use.

That not only is it okay to be an imperfect little mess (we all are) but those imperfections are the best part. Quirks are like spices, and spices make shit taste delicious.

White Guy Blinking and any Don Draper gif.