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So, this is The New Tropic. We’re excited about helping people become better locals. We make local journalism and events that help our fellow Miamians explore and connect with the fascinating, lovably eccentric city we all live in together. You can read a bit more about what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it, in this launch letter.

We publish a daily e-mail newsletter that curates the day’s most important local news and shares original work we make. We produce events, from tours to art lessons to civic forums, that get locals together, exploring with and learning from each other. Our members get access to special content and events, and to a unique community of curious locals who share ideas, inspiration, and opportunities.

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We really hate the myth of the lone entrepreneur, because it just doesn't exist. There's no solo genius. You have to recognize your support networks and the people who work with you to accomplish a goal. — The New Tropic

You're going to hear a lot about making your business or your project scalable and that's really important, but it's also really important to make things well and make them right on a small scale and test them and prototype. — The New Tropic

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