Jessica Anderson (me) is a Creative Entrepreneur who actively works as a key player in major projects across the nation. Jessica’s experience as being an integral team member includes work with Paramount Studios, R/GA Productions, Borscht Film Festival, Miami International Film Festival and The Miami Design District. Currently, Mrs. Anderson works with The Genuine Hospitality Group.

my patience but I ain't got time for that

Remember to breath. It will pass.

Being able to read people's emotions quickly

Dog lady...similar to a cat lady but get it...

My fifth grade graduation song, " Galaxy, this is where it starts at Galaxy, this is the beginning for you and me, we are learning how to grow and someday we'll be the best we can be." Seriously, wish that wasn't stuck in my head since I was 10.

How to knit a infinity scarf with their arms in 30 mins. Nothing but arms and yarn, BAM new scarf!