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May 13, 8:30am • • part of a series on Reality

Remix! with the CreativeMornings Community

It’s no secret that there is an insane amount of talent in the CreativeMornings community. We love experiencing it at events, through your profiles, and with our monthly theme illustrations. But there are only 12 months in a year and only 12 monthly illustrations. That’s not enough.

So, in the spirit of this month’s theme Collaborate, we’re handing the monthly illustration over to you so we can highlight more of your incredible work.

As designers and makers, we were already big fans of FiftyThree’s Paper iPad app. We recently discovered their Mix platform, which makes it super simple to take an image, remix it, and make it your own. We already wanted the community to work on the illustration together, and we thought Paper would be a great tool to use. We hope you agree.

Can’t wait to get started? Grab or borrow an iPad with Paper and get remixing!

Thank you to all who came out Friday morning to the Revolution themed CreativeMornings!

“The revolution is local.” - Steven Pargett, speaker

Photo by Depuhl


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Drum roll for June’s theme…REVOLUTION! The speakers are out of this world, so keep your eye on our website to save the date for the talk in your city!

Revolutions aren’t strangers to the creative community. We’re a community that breaks rules, challenges stereotypes, and makes change. We care deeply about the cities we live in and fight passionately for our convictions. This month, hosts and speakers in 115 cities will explore this theme of Revolution.

June’s global events are presented in partnership with Shutterstock. The theme was chosen by our Raleigh chapter and illustrated by the talented Mark Weaver.


Great news! The net neutrality rules you all fought so hard for (and won!) have gone into effect. The FCC’s Open Internet is Order is officially official.

Pop open a bottle of whatever you celebrate with, but don’t get toooo comfortable yet. In a bogus and sneaky move, some members of Congress are using a funding maneuver to prohibit the FCC from implementing its own net neutrality rules.

If you care about internet freedom and you have a spare minute, you can help make sure Congress doesn’t screw up this victory. Call up one of these key members of the House Appropriations Committee and and ask them to take out the anti–net neutrality language from the House Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2016, specifically sections 628, 629, and 630: 

More details: This is a general appropriations bill that funds independent agencies, including the FCC, through the coming year. Legislators on the Appropriations subcommittee are trying to thwart net neutrality by attaching specifically targeted riders to the bill. Considering that the FCC’s monumental ruling was the culmination of a remarkably open and participatory debate, these background moves are a particularly cynical circumvention of the democratic process and the will of the people.

It’s nasty business, and President Obama won’t be able to do anything about it except by vetoing the entire bill. Let’s not put him in this pickle. Call up and demand the fair and open internet you fought for (and, again, won!).

Talk about a Revolution (plug for this month’s CreativeMornings theme)!