Duron Chavis, challenges us with truths about drugs, child poverty and food deserts in RVA.

Videography by Double Take - vimeo.com/thisisdoubletake

About the speaker

DURON CHAVIS started his career in community advocacy as first a volunteer then an employee of the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of VA.

Presently Chavis is engaged in coordinating innovative and dynamic initiatives around the topics of urban agriculture and local food systems in a culturally relevant way. In 2009 Chavis launched the Richmond Noir Market, a Saturday farmer’s market targeting low-income communities located in what the USDA has designated as food deserts in Richmond Virginia. 2012 marked the development his first community garden; which subsequently led to the development of urban farms, urban orchards, urban vineyards and work in poverty mitigation, workforce development, health and racial equity.

Duron was our March 2017 #CMtaboo speaker and he’s back to talk more about nature.

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